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Canon EOS M: The reluctant mirrorless newcomer

Canon EOS M: The reluctant mirrorless newcomer



18MP APS-C Digic 5 CMOS


22mm and 18-55mm lenses, EF-M mount


3-inch capacitive Clear View II TFT LCD


1080p at 30/25/24fps, 720p and 480p at 60/50fps




USB 2.0, miniHDMI, Eye-Fi Connected


109 x 66 x 32mm, 298g




The EOS M is a decent camera with crisp DOF, fine picture quality, and easy-to-grip body. But the easily confused AF can test your patience, and make novice and street photography a bit more taxing.

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Several years after the mirrorless interchangeable lens system broke into the camera scene, Canon has finally decided to jump aboard. But Canon not only comes in rather late in the mirrorless camera game but also does so quite reluctantly with the Canon EOS M.


Supposedly the compact, mirrorless version of the EOS 650D, the EOS M comes in an easy-to-hold body that is also a dear to carry around inside the bag because of its light weight. Its thickness and right-hand contour render a comfortable grip.

The body has minimal physical buttons but functional just the same. A dedicated record button is also situated on the upper right-hand corner at the back, which your thumb can naturally reach without much effort.

The top dial might confuse some due to the lack of mode selection. But that’s because the EOS M has a touch UI, where most of the controls are accessed.


The EOS M takes full advantage of the touch UI, which is very user-friendly even on shooting mode. Full manual settings, including one-touch focus selection, are available right on the screen.

The only problem with the EOS M is the slow and easily confused auto-focus, which makes street and action photography very difficult.

Picture quality

The EOS M renders fine picture quality with a crisp depth of field. Shots with a half-decent composition come out much better than intended.

However, the colors may not be vibrant enough for some tastes, including mine. But this model’s color range is consistent with all Canon cameras—limited, conservative, and subtle.

The video quality is superb, while colors are bolder than in still images. And at 60fps, the motion picture flows very smoothly and allows for a decent slow playback. The only downside is the grain that easily shows up in areas not in focus when recording indoors. And of course, there is again the easily confused auto-focus.

You would also have to be content with the limited number of lenses. Canon has released only two for the EOS M, although you can use Canon EF and EF-S lenses with the official mount adapter.

The EOS M is a decent camera with crisp DOF, fine picture quality, and easy-to-grip body. But the easily confused AF can test your patience, while the limited lens options may be discouraging.

Review by Aritha Zel Zalamea

First published in Speed June 2013

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