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Volvo launches R-Design Volvos, honors six driven personalities

Volvo launches R-Design Volvos, honors six driven personalities
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Volvo Philippines launched the 2015 R-Design S60 and XC60 variants by staging the first ever Volvo Night of the Arts. During the event, Volvo honored six influential and esteemed personalities in various fields of the arts: Joanne Rae Ramirez, the late Jose “Pocholo” Ramirez, Raymond Lauchengco, Rolando Laudico, Ramon Orlina, and Randy Ortiz. Coming from different artistic backgrounds, they all embody the characteristics of the R-Design models—dynamic, bold, and innovative.

Joanne Rae Ramirez, Editor-in-Chief of People Asia Magazine, is the epitome of style and substance. Joanne shines in the field of communication arts with her sharp wit and charismatic way with words. Displaying characteristics of the R-design Volvos—beautiful curves, practical details, and intelligent controls like the Volvo Sensus—this loving wife and mother, continues to shine like a star in her own field with her exquisite blend of beauty and brains.

Much like the Volvo R-Design models that are built with more power and dynamism, the late Jose “Pocholo” Ramirez is a legend in the world of motorsports. With a passion for life, he led a colorful and bemedalled career spanning 45 years. Known to close friends as Tito Poch, he has blazed the trail and has brought glory and pride to the Philippines. The first Asian driver in the ASEAN International Rally, Ramirez won several titles including Slalom Driver of the year on 1967 and ’68. A man fuelled by his love for the art of motion, Pocholo Ramirez lives on in the hearts of those who admire, respect and love him.

Just like the steady hum of the dynamic engine and the low growl coming from the R-design chrome dual exhaust pipes of the exciting new S60 and XC60 R-Design models, Raymond Lauchengco’s voice both soothes the nerves as well as tickles the heart. Starting at the tender age of 12, singer, actor, stage performer, and director Raymond Lauchengco has proven his mettle in the performing arts. Among his many accolades and distinctions, he has represented the country in the prestigious Tokyo Music Festival in 1987 and received the Aliw Award for the Best Concert Collaboration. On his spare time, he dons the hat as Kusinero Raymond and plays doting husband to his lovely wife and two adorable kids.

Touted as The Rebel in today’s culinary scene, Chef Rolando Perez Laudico serves up a feast for both the eyes as well as the palate. Armed with formal studies here and abroad, he does not just stop at what is familiar. Instead, he pushes the boundaries and dishes out a fusion of international and Filipino dishes that is a gustatory delight. His culinary creations inspire the senses much like the R-Design Volvos encourage you to take control of the wheel and go beyond what is expected.

Starting out as an architect, glass artist Ramon Orlina is synonymous to glass sculpture as Volvo is to safety. His works of art are similar to Volvo’s efforts in making the new S60 and XC60 R-Design more imposing, with sinuous curves and undulating lines—making the cars look like they are moving even when standing still. Just like Ramon’s glass obras, modern Volvos inspire the use of superlative adjectives that denote excellence. They are works that are as gripping as the superb handling of the new S60 and XC60.

With every stitch and seam speaks of high quality and craftsmanship that was born out of the promise to design for people. Volvo’s design philosophy of beautiful practicality is evident in every nook and cranny of a Volvo, from the ergonomic seats that hug you to the allergy-tested interiors and the natural, authentic materials used to make you more comfortable. Randy Ortiz’s design story is similar in which he has revolutionized the way men’s wear are created. A visionary in the field of fashion design, he has since moved on to carve a name for himself in women’s wear, bridal fashion and accessories.

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