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Toyota launches the new Innova

Toyota launches the new Innova
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Toyota has just formally launched the new Innova, now with a fresh, bolder look. The country’s bestselling MPV sports a face lift: large chrome grille, pronounced hood creases, and fog lamps with chrome surrounds.

The new Innova comes in four variants (J, E, G, and V, all with gas and diesel options) and seven colors (Super White II, White Pearl, Silver Metallic, Gray Metallic, Dark Brown Mica Metallic, Red Mica Metallic, and Black). All variants have M/T (5-speed) and A/T (4-speed Gate type with ECT) options–except for J, which comes only with a manual transmission. The V variant comes with an automatic transmission and captain seats. Direct injection is available for the following: G 2.0 Gas A/T, 2.5 Diesel M/T, and 2.5 Diesel A/T, and all V models.

Here are the SRPs.

J 2.0 Gas M/T P832,000
2.5 Diesel M/T P887,000
E 2.0 Gas M/T P942,000
2.5 Diesel M/T P997,000
2.0 Gas A/T P1,007,000
2.5 Diesel A/T P1,062,000
G 2.0 Gas M/T P1,058,000
2.5 Diesel M/T P1,113,000
2.0 Gas A/T P1,123,000
2.5 Diesel A/T P1,178,000
2.0 Gas M/T (WP) P1,073,000
2.5 Diesel M/T (WP) P1,128,000
2.0 Gas A/T (WP) P1,138,000
2.5 Diesel A/T (WP) P1,193,000
V 2.0 Gas A/T P1,206,000
2.5 Diesel A/T P1,261,000
2.0 Gas A/T (WP) P1,221,000
2.5 Diesel A/T (WP) P1,276,000

Words Aritha Zel Zalamea


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