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Sony introduces h.ear series headphones, new Walkman

Sony introduces h.ear series headphones, new Walkman
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Sony Philippines released its latest lineup of high-resolution audio gear in a special media event held at AXON in Green Sun, Makati on September 29.

The hi-res audio lineup includes a headphone collection—the h.ear on and h.ear in series—and an all-new Walkman, coming in two capacity-variants.

h.ear on series
Speed Sony h.ear on MDR-100AAP
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Leading the hi-res pack is Sony’s h.ear on headphones, the MDR-100AAP, which offers high-resolution audio and a deep bass paired to a 40mm HD driver.

This headphone, which can deliver tunes up to 60kHz, comes with a titanium-coated diaphragms that minimize vibration, resulting to crystal clear tunes. Its foldable mechanism makes it an easy gadget to pack along during travels. Priced at P8,999, the MDR-100AAP comes in black, red, and yellow variants.


h.ear in series
Speed Sony 2-In-ear headphone MDR-EX750AP_
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In-ear headphone lovers, meanwhile, are in for a treat as Sony offers two products—the noise-canceling MDR-NW750N and the cheaper but still quality MDR-EX750AP.

The MDR-NW750N, heralded as the world’s first digital noise canceling high-resolution audio compatible in-ear headphones, is designed with a compact 9mm high sensitivity driver unit and can reproduce frequencies up to 40kHz. Equipping this model with a dual noise sensor technology and Automatic AI Noise Cancelling technologies enables this gear to drown out external noise while you savor your beloved tunes. The MDR-NW750N is available in black and white with a price tag of P5,999.

The in-ear MDR-EX750AP, on the other hand, features a 9mm high-sensitivity driver unit and is encased in aluminum housing for vibration reduction and reproduction of high-quality tunes. A Beat Response Control technology gives accurate bass punches without compromising smooth and accurate rhythms. Priced at P3,999, this sleek in-ear headphone comes in black, red, and blue.



To relive the glory of the classic Sony Walkman, Sony throws in a new Walkman in town in the form of the 16GB NW-A25 and the 32GB NW-A26HN.

Integrated with DSEE HX, Sony’s unique upscaling technology, the new Sony Walkmans can process compressed music files and give them a quality boost to near high-resolution audio quality. The unit’s LDAC (low latency codec) also improves wireless listening via Bluetooth.

Both units come with a microSD card slot for expanded memory and a 50-hour battery life. The NW-A25 (available in black, red, yellow, and silver) and the NW-A26HN (available in black, red, and yellow) are priced at P9,499 and P14,999, respectively.

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