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SanDisk ships its two billionth microSD card

SanDisk ships its two billionth microSD card
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SanDisk Corporation, a global leader in flash storage solutions, has shipped more than two billion microSD cards since it started commercial shipment of the technology ten years ago. The company commemorated this milestone on the eve of the Mobile World Congress Shanghai.

Invented by SanDisk in 2004, the microSD format was initially known as TransFlash™. SanDisk contributed the technology to the SD Card Association who renamed and released the final specifications for the microSD format on July 13, 2005.  This format has become the most popular removable memory card in SanDisk’s history.  Collectively, SanDisk’s two billion microSD cards could store an estimated 11,103 billion megabytes (MB) worth of memory.

The microSD card, which reduced the size of removable memory cards by approximately 75 percent, has played a pivotal role in a wide variety of consumer markets. For example, the vast majority of action cameras—the fastest-growing segment in digital imaging today—are based around the microSD format.

The microSD format has also helped propel the smartphone market by giving both manufacturers online casino and consumers greater flexibility and freedom. According to Strategy Analytics, approximately 75 percent of smartphone models on the market today contain microSD slots. Tech giant Google included microSD slots in its fastest growing and largest mobile product segments: the Android One, its mobile operating system for sub-P5,000 smartphones and phones designed for emerging markets. Google’s next mobile operating system Android M, and Windows Mobile both permit consumers to run applications directly on microSD cards and/or increase the primary storage capacity of their devices.

“Demand for storage never stops growing. We will soon see smartphones with multiple-aperture lenses, phones capable of shooting UltraHD video and applications for taking and viewing virtual reality environments,” said Shuki Nir, senior vice president, corporate marketing, and general manager for Retail, SanDisk. “microSD memory cards will also be instrumental in the growth of the Internet of Things by lowering the barrier to experimentation. Two billion is just the beginning, and we look forward to contributing to future technologies enabled by the microSD format.”

With more than 5,000 patents, SanDisk positively impacts many markets through its flash memory innovations. In recognition of its achievements, SanDisk was named a Thompson Reuters 2014 Top 100 Global Innovator, an honor the company has received for four consecutive years.

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