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Samsung, Yves Behar unveil 82-inch curved UHD TV

Samsung, Yves Behar unveil 82-inch curved UHD TV
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Samsung came out guns blazing at CES 2015. The company unveiled new appliances, a vacuum, a portable SSD, a virtual reality service, and—true to Samsung’s CES tradition—ridiculously handsome TVs.

There are no reported sightings of Michael Bay on Samsung’s CES 2015 press conference, but designer and Fuseproject founder Yves Behar was on the stage to introduce one of the craziest TVs you’ll probably see: the Samsung S9W Curved TV. The S9W is the first result of the long-term design partnership between Fuseproject and Samsung.

Though there’s a fat chance that most of us will never get to use the S9W, appreciating this product bears no harm. The impressive AV gear is first of its kind, with the curved 82-inch UHD screen sitting atop a giant gallery-like cube.

With a 21:9 aspect ratio, this television has more in common with a movie screen than with a TV. Most of the technology has been removed from the screen and stored in the cube to make way for its thin design.

The cube in which the screen rests is a wonder in itself. When turned on, the cube top lifts to reveal an inner sound system and display lighting. It even has a motor inside that allows you to adjust the viewing angle to your desired viewing position.

The S9W leads Samsung’s new lineup of SUHD TV. Also included are the JS9500, JS9000, and JS8500, which will be available sometime this year. All have the same picture quality as the S9W but come without the pedestal. You can expect, too, that all Samsung Smart TVs are going to run Samsung’s Tizen OS starting this year.

Words Patricia Mae Calica

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