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Samsung brings 840 EVO SSD to Phl

Samsung brings 840 EVO SSD to Phl
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Samsung Philippines introduced the company’s positively reviewed storage device to the Philippine market with the launch of the 840 EVO Solid State Drive (SSD), which is now available in leading tech stores.

SSD is known to perform faster than the hard disk drive of old, and at the intimate media event at M Cafe in Greenbelt 3, Samsung showed how much faster their SSD is compared with an HDD.

Using similar Samsung notebooks with the same Windows OS version, they replaced the HDD in one with an SSD. Boot-up time was faster by two seconds or so, while the time difference in launching the Windows OS was more significant–and so was copying a file from one folder to another. When the SSD-equipped notebook finished duplicating the 2GB video file, the laptop using an HDD was just halfway through.

They also demonstrated how easy it is to physically replace your laptop’s HDD with a new SSD. Switching to SSD is supposed to breathe new (read: faster) life to your old HDD laptop. But take caution: screwing open your laptop will most probably void your warranty.

If you worry about your files, Samsung offers their 3-step Data Migration software as the solution. It mirrors your HDD’s contents–folder structure, memory partitions, and all–in your Samsung SSD.

The entry-level Samsung 840 EVO SSD is available in 120GB (P5,390) and 250GB (P9,290) variants. The 500GB, 1TB, and 840 PRO SSD models, which are available internationally, might arrive in the Philippines come 2Q 2014.

Words Aritha Zel Zalamea


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