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PUMA Mobium Elite

PUMA Mobium Elite
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A lover who is willing to bend to our every whim is the stuff of fantasy. So settle for the shoe version, at least. This one expands and contracts with the motion of your feet.

PUMA recently launched Mobium Elite, a shoe that’s engineered to adapt to your feet. PUMA even trademarked a new phrase just to say how cool this shoe is: Adaptive Running.


Adaptive Running is achieved via a three-part system:

The Mobium Band is designed to work dynamically to enhance your natural spring. The more force you apply, the more bounce it returns.

The Windlass Chasis mimics the Windlass Effect or the foot’s expansion and contraction as you run. This means the shoe moves with your feet, a safer alternative to achieving the ease of running barefoot.

The Expansion Pods are patterned after cat paws that contract at leaping and expand at rest. This results in an efficient stride and a smoother transition.

Two years of testing and development led to the Mobium Elite’s innovative design. All that rocket science even comes in different colors.

PUMA Mobium Elite is available in men’s and women’s styles at select running specialty stores, PUMA Retail, and select sporting good wholesalers all over the Philippines.  In subsequent seasons, additional women’s styles will be introduced, and the Mobium line will expand further in the Training and Fitness categories.

Words Elaine Cotoner

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