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PTT introduces Blue Innovation fuels

PTT introduces Blue Innovation fuels
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PTT Philippines dares to pose a stronger competition against major oil players by introducing a new fuel technology to its diesel and gasoline products.

The PTT Blue Innovation fuels—the BlueDiesel, BlueGasoline 93+, BlueGasoline 95+, and BlueGasoline 97+—were formally launched at Valkyrie Club in Bonifacio Global City.

“Blue Innovation is a new fuel technology formulated by experts from our PTT Research and Technology Institute (PTTRTI) in Thailand,” said PTT Philippines President and Chief Executive Officer Sukanya Seriyothin.

“This new formulation will give all types of vehicles with better engine response, fuel efficiency, & cleaner emissions that will definitely help prolong your engine’s lifespan,” Seriyothin said.

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PTT Philippines President and Chief Executive Officer Sukanya Seriyothin

Blended with special formulation that gives extra power for better acceleration rate, the BlueDiesel variant has a higher cetane level and enhanced engine performance and torque. It also has PTT’s advanced cleaning formula that lessens the engine’s exhaust, smoke, and pollutant levels, making the engine run smoother and quieter.

The BlueGasoline 93+ comes with PTT’s advanced formula that cleans the engine and provides extra mileage for your vehicle, while the BlueGasoline 95+ boasts of PTT’s advanced formula plus “Friction Modifier” technology, which cleans your engine’s injector, nozzles, and intake valves, providing better combustion, longer mileage, and engine life. The “Friction Modifier” technology reduces the wear and tear of your pistons, improving engine efficiency.

The BlueGasoline 97+ is a high performance fuel with powerful octane booster blended with cleaning additives to achieve the engine’s maximum capacity.

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PTT Philippines Marketing Director Thitiroj Rergsumran

A team of Thai experts from PTTRTI, led by Sarana Peng-ont, explained the fuel products’ attributes that were derived from the test made in Thailand.

“In line with the celebration of our 20th year of operations in the Philippines, we are offering these premium-grade fuels as our way of thanking our Filipino consumers. And we are offering them at no additional cost as the prices of our fuels will remain the same,” Seriyothin said.

In compliance with the Philippine National Standards prescribed by the Department of Energy (DOE), the PTT Blue Innovation fuels will come in yellow for diesel, green and red for unleaded gasoline, and blue for premium gasoline.

Earlier this year, PTT also announced that all its fuel products were already Euro 4 standards as early as November 2015 in compliance with the DOE’s directive for oil companies to upgrade from Euro 2 to Euro 4. Euro 4 is a globally accepted European emission standard for vehicles that requires the use of fuel with significantly low sulfur (0.005 percent or 50 parts per million) and benzene (maximum of one percent by volume) contents.

PTT Philippines have been importing the Euro 4 fuels from its parent firm in Thailand, which has been producing and offering Euro 4 emission standard fuels for years already.

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