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The Navigator: An E-Adventure to the past

The Navigator: An E-Adventure to the past
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The Segway experience begins at Club Intramuros Golf Course’s Clubhouse, where members and guests can use Segways Personal Transporters to navigate around the 18-hole golf course. For the families of the golfers and students from the nearby colleges and universities who wish to have a little adventure, Segway Philippines established a Segway Track inside the golf course. Aside from the added recreational activities, Segway Philippines also promotes the Club Intramuros Golf Course as the first Segway Golf Course in the country, attracting more tourists here and abroad.

Segway Personal Transporters are designed to interact with pedestrians on the sidewalk and the street no matter what the conditions in terms of traffic.  The Segway Tour has a total of 15 X2 Segways out on tour, which includes two tour guides or staff in front and at the end of the line. All riders move around in single file with five to eight feet of space between each other.  The tour guide uses hand signals to forewarn guest riders of objects on the road (e.g. poles, fire hydrants, cracked/pothole surfaces, low/overhead branches), to slow down, use caution, stop, or move forward.

The first phase of the tour is around the 18 holes of Club Intramuros Golf Course. As the tour progresses, the guides give information about the different interesting infrastructures and views that can be seen on the golf course. Stops are taken during the tour so the riders can rest and have photo opportunities at the scenic spots where Segways are allowed.  Routes heading back to the starting point of the tour are determined based on pedestrian traffic and time left on the tour.

The Navigator as partner in tourism improvement

Simply Moving Philippines Inc., in partnership with the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), provides Metro Manila residents, visitors, and tourists a fun and unique way to view the historical, scenic wonders of Manila through a guided Segway Tour experience branded as The Navigator.

In the Philippines, Segway has been dominating the white sands of Boracay and now the historical city of Manila.

Through The Navigator, as Segway is known globally, more tourists from all over the world will be enticed to glide around Manila’s historic places. Furthermore, Segways are designed to take up a minimal amount of space and are extremely maneuverable to be able to operate on pedestrian sidewalks and pathways, taking part in the government’s campaign for Eco-Tourism. Tourists are having a fun, educational, and eco-friendly tour, while lessening the pollution in Metro Manila.

Segway Golf Rentals

A more exciting way to “Navigate” around Club Intramuros is using a Segway. Aside from being able to reach your destinations more efficiently at 20kph, it is definitely more fun and exciting. Segway Philippines offers Segway PT rentals for golfers inside Club Intramuros for two and half hours.

The Navigator on Tracks

Segway Philippines set up a track inside the golf club just by the main entrance of Club Intramuros Golf Course.

This is a five- to ten-minute ride around a track filled with exciting and challenging twists and turn for those who want to experience a thrilling ride on a Segway. This aims to cater to the families of golfers while waiting, especially to children. Aside from that, the tracks are also open for students as the location is surrounded by colleges and universities. Students, during their spare time, can escape from the hustle and bustle of school works for a moment and experience Segway.

The Navigator: an E-Adventure to the past

Local and foreign tourists who want to escape from the pollution and noise of Manila without travelling for hours to reach a destination can now find a new sanctuary in Club Intramuros Golf Course.

Smell the invigorating scent of fresh air. Indulge your eyes in the beautiful greens and breath-taking sights of the city in a safe and controlled environment, while on the coolest ride ever, the Segway PT.

From Hole 1-18, enjoy the ride while sightseeing and picture-taking around the greens of the golf course with famous buildings and infrastructures of Historic Manila on the background. This should truly be a part of any traveler’s bucket list.


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