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Microsoft unveils one Windows to fit all

Microsoft unveils one Windows to fit all
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The Windows 10 is what the future of Microsoft looks like under a unified OS banner.

Microsoft unveiled on Tuesday the Windows 10, its much-awaited upgrade to the Windows operating system. And according to executive vice president of the Operating Systems group Terry Myerson, the Windows 10 is Microsoft’s “most comprehensive operating system ever.”

To that end, the new Windows adapts to more types of devices than ever before—from Xbox to PCs, phones to tablets, and wearables. The unified OS provides consistent, familiar, and compatible experience across different platforms allowing the users to switch from one to another with greater ease.

Microsoft also provided an integrated store to deliver Windows applications across products. This enables developers to write an application once and deploy it easily to multiple device types. For the costumers, purchasing and updating applications will be much easier.

Rather than superseding a single UI across machines, Microsoft provided a tailored experience for all devices with the Windows 10. It also introduced—or for the case of the Start menu, reintroducing—a number of features that optimize the experience for both keyboard-and-mouse and touch users. Among which are:

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  •  Start menu. The Start menu is back, though this time it includes a news space for users to personalize with their favorite apps and Live Tiles.
  •  Snap enhancements. The new quadrant layout allows up to four apps to be snapped on the same screen at the same time.
  •  Multiple desktops. This allows users to create and switch between desktops for different purposes and projects instead of too many apps and files overlapping on a single desktop.
  •  Apps that run in a window. Apps from the Windows Store can now open in the same format that desktop programs do.
  •  New Task view button. Switch from app to app easily and access opened desktops with just one touch.

Starting October 10, advanced PC users and IT managers can have access to the Technical Preview (preview.windows.com) where they can download the early bits of Windows 10, test them, and give feedback. They can also sign up on the Windows Insider Program to get regular updates to the initial tech preview over the coming months. In early 2015, Microsoft will shift the focus to the consumer side of the Windows 10, and the later part of 2015 will see its full release.

Words Patricia Mae Calica

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