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Make your home a staycation haven with LG ULTRA HD TV

Make your home a staycation haven  with LG ULTRA HD TV
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Rainy days are here once again, with the occasional typhoons leaving people with no choice but to stay at home and shun heavy traffic caused by flooding. But don’t fret, as doing so no longer needs to be dull and monotonous. You can create the perfect staycation haven for entertainment and relaxation right at your own living room.

One way to do this is to level up your home entertainment arsenal with the new LG ULTRA High Definition (UHD) television. Have your sweet “me” time, bond with your family, or even invite friends over to watch your favorite movies and shows with the LG UHD TV’s breathtaking and crisp images and audio that bring entertainment to its highest possible level.

Currently leading in the premium market category for high-definition TV, the 2014 UHD TV line-up from global technology innovator LG Electronics has Real 4K resolution capability four times that of Full HD, displaying flawless picture quality with incredibly vivid details. Future-proofed, or to remain advanced even in the years to come, the LG UHD TV also has the capability to upscale Full HD 3D movies into Real 4K level, making the 3D images ultra-clear and close to reality.

Splendidly complementing the brilliant ULTRA HD visuals is the LG UHD TV’s ultra-real sound, which gives the full impact of a multi-channel, forward-facing speaker system.

“We know the Philippine market very well and how important entertainment is to Filipinos. With our new LG UHD TVs, we are offering them an unparalleled home entertainment device that allows them to experience TV viewing like never before,” said Jillian Lichauco, marketing manager for LG Philippines.

An ultra-Smart TV that runs on webOS, the LG UHD TV will also enable you to bond with your family through online games through consoles such as Xbox or Wii, stay in touch with your loved ones abroad through hi-definition video calls, or view and listen to online multimedia content. The unique architecture of the webOS also makes searching and viewing content, connecting with other devices, and setting up the TV smooth and seamless, bringing back the simplicity of controlling your TV.

So boost the fun at home and look forward to more staycations this rainy season with the new LG ULTRA HD TV.

To learn more about the LG UHD TV and other LG Home Entertainment products, visit,, or; like LG’s official Facebook page “LG Philippines”; or follow @LG Philippines on Twitter and Instagram.

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