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LG reveals Mega Capacity 5-Door refrigerator

LG reveals Mega Capacity 5-Door refrigerator
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Global technology frontrunner LG Electronics introduces the revolutionary Mega Capacity 5 Door Refrigerator, a powerful, next-generation breakthrough packed in a sleek and modern design. Its form and functionality transports the century-old icebox into the present and at the center of innovation, boasting of a mega capacity of 725L due to its high density insulation with thinner insulation wall, and an inverter linear compressor.

This revolutionary 5-door refrigerator, which follows the French Door format with the fridge on top and the freezer at the bottom, marries effortless organization with comfort. The insight behind the French door format was based on a recent consumer study which showed that people tend to access the fridge more frequently than the freezer. With this innovative range of refrigerators following an unconventional yet more accessible format, the top fridge and bottom freezer design lets children and the elderly access items with ease and convenience with less effort and bending backs.

Aside from offering a wider pantry and bigger storage, LG’s newest set of refrigerators also sport a smart storage system which lets you fold and customize the cantilever shelves to fit your family’s needs while the In & Out Sauce Carrier allows easy access to frequently used sauces inside the fridge.

The LG Mega Capacity 5 Door Refrigerator also features a Door-in-Door component that lets you access frequently needed items with ease while preventing cold air from escaping, a common occurrence in normal refrigerators where you have to open the entire appliance.

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Pioneering design boosted by energy-efficiency

Apart from its ground-breaking design, the refrigerator also boasts equally notable energy-efficient features. The Inverter Linear Compressor automatically controls its cooling capacity based on the refrigerator’s inner and surrounding temperature. This technology saves energy by up to 45 percent and has placed LG Electronics among the top energy saving brands in the industry with an A+++ energy grade for its refrigerators.

Its LED lighting also saves energy by as much as 85 percent and can last up to 26 times longer than a traditional light bulb. The brighter illumination also allows you to find items faster and without fear of unsafe overheat emissions.

Keeping food crisp and fresh longer is every family’s main reason for purchasing a refrigerator. The LG Mega Capacity 5 Door Refrigerator’s Hygiene Fresh System purifies the air in your refrigerator and promotes better air circulation while its Twin Deodorizers minimizes unpleasant odor mixes.

According to Youngmin Chae, Vice President of LG Philippines’ Home Appliance, this new set of refrigerators comes with a 10-year motor warranty. “As a commitment to provide durable, reliable and premium quality household appliances, LG assures long-term performance and efficiency in your kitchen with its newest Mega Capacity 5 Door Refrigerator backed by our efficient customer service.”

He furthered, “It is high time refrigerators get the overhaul that caters to every family member’s needs. The LG Mega Capacity 5 Door Refrigerator paves the way for this home and lifestyle innovation.”

For more information about the LG Mega Capacity 5 Door Refrigerator, visit or, like LG’s official Facebook page “LG Philippines”, or follow LG on Twitter or Instagram @LGPhilippines.

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