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Help your business gain more exposure!

Help your business gain more exposure!
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Innovation is a trend that is always on style and always up to date.

I have come to realize that every information that usually becomes my entertainment on my travels would come from visuals flashing at monitors or big screens at the airport, roadside, malls, and hotels–just about everywhere I look. I then recognize that this type of media, the moving graphics with sound and effects, completely relays the message the businesses want the target audience to receive. It is called the Digital Signage

To further understand how Digital Signage works, I consulted with i-Kurot Marketing Agency during the holidays. It is something a strategic business person who wants to stay updated with new trends in the market would do at the start of the year.

i-Kurot sums up Digital Signage (DS) as an “extremely effective  and surprisingly affordable communication medium for businesses and institutions of all types and sizes.”

Other forms of advertisements and/or public service announcements are done in tri-media. The traditional print (flyers, tarps, billboards, newsletters, tabloid pages), radio, and TV, as well as the World Wide Web range from small flyers to TV ads and moving online ads; these are costly.

I remember when I asked for a quotation for a billboard at one of the malls we were in. Printing the material for the billboard costs more than P20,000 and the rent of the billboard space is P8,000/month—one stagnant design for an amount that could do so much more.

However, i-Kurot shared to me how DS can deliver better output with a more realistic forecast of my return on investment at a surprisingly good deal . How?

DS works easily with a plug-and-play, highly accessible, and satisfactory production that aims to increase brand/product awareness and most importantly, sales. It also provides features like eco-friendly low power consumption, improved efficiency, and attention-grabbing visuals.

With the DS’ software based on an open-source framework available through public Apache repository, businessmen and travelers like me don’t need to worry much because they can monitor and play with the DS anywhere they are, whenever and wherever they want to.

This is a very practical tool in making any business successful, especially those with multiple branches. You see, DS of i-Kurot can easily manage your information such as promos, advertisements, and any announcement of every branch. It has the capacity to make the information more local and specific for your audience. i-Kurot provides the perfect software for your Digital Signage needs, allowing you to show everyone anything you want on that big screen.

For starters, you can already have a Digital Signage for as low as P5,999 for a 2-month deal. This package includes an Android box/media player (Minix Neo X5), a Digital Signage account, content management, supervision training, maintenance training, operator training, and a one-year hardware warranty.

There are a lot more to learn about this amazing tool. You can ask any question you have in mind with i-Kurot, so they can help you out in creating new innovations for your business or  institution. You may visit

Out with the traditional ways; in with the new. Make it happen. Mark your place in the market and make it you!

Words Joanne Tubao


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