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Grown-up headphones built for kids

Grown-up headphones built for kids
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Making kids wear adult headphones can endanger their hearing. According to many auditory health organizations, the maximum noise level for children is 85dB. Exposure to anything louder than that—and for long periods—can permanently damage their hearing.

This is why choosing the best headphones for kids is important. Because, admit it, making them watch movies during a boring flight or a long road trip is essential to keep your (the adult) sanity.  Aside from volume limit, however, you should also consider fit, comfort, and design when choosing cans for the kids.

The Kidz Gear Wired Headphones for Kids are stereo headphones that feature the proprietary KidzControl Volume Limit Technology that the company claims makes them “the safest headphones available” for children. They are padded and are comfortable for kids ages 2 and over. A 1.5m cord comes in handy for when sitting the little ones far enough away from the TV set.

Kidz Gear Wired Headphones, distributed by Digits Trading Corporation, are available in fun, bright colors: pink, orange, blue, green, and purple.

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