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Kiddle is the Google for kids

Kiddle is the Google for kids
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Most of today’s knowledge are easily mined from the World Wide Web, indexed in search engines such as Google, Bing, and MSN. And with the ubiquity of the internet in the present generation, these digital content are freely available for everyone to use—or abuse.

Concerned parents need not to worry, though. It is still possible for your kids to enjoy the wonders of instant information, sans the harsher adult content, thanks to the new search engine called Kiddle.

Upfront, the webpage introduces a fun, whimsical appearance that attracts kids to use it often. It features a space theme with an image of friendly robot below the search box. Other kid-friendly elements of Kiddle include a large Arial font, so kids can easily read the text, as well as thumbnails that accompany the listed articles.

Using Google’s safe search technology, which allows you to custom the Google search bar, Kiddle screens the search results and makes it as child-friendly as possible. When your kid enters a search query, the engine automatically turns the safe search feature on and pull out a list of related links that are easy-to-read, informative, and safe for kids. The first three on the results are hand-picked by Kiddle editors as the best articles for the query.

Parents can be directly involved in their kids’ search habits, too, by submitting forms and requests to block sites that they feel are not appropriate for children to visit. History is also wiped clean every 24 hours, so personal information is kept safe and anonymous after a day’s worth of use.

Want to test Kiddle with your kids? Go to kiddle.co and start searching!

Words John Sosmeña

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