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Instagram goes beyond its iconic squares

Instagram goes beyond its iconic squares
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If you’re an Instagram user, we’re pretty sure you’ve done one or all of these before: forcibly square-cropped a photo not taken in that shape, combined multiple photos to come up with a square collage, or  padded your rectangular images with borders to fill out the unused space. It’s a trade-off everyone on the big IG had to deal with (and sometimes, whine about)—until now.

Instagram announced today that its users can now upload images in portrait and landscape orientation, aside from the traditional square photos.

The photo sharing network site gained its popularity with its iconic square format, which is a nod to the Polaroids of the past. According to Instagram, this new update is just another way for people to enjoy a broader range of visual representation.

By tapping the format icon before editing, Instagram users will have the option of their photos being uploaded in either portrait or landscape mode. Followers and users will see the full sizes on the feed, but the images will go back to the square, center-cropped preview on the profile page. Aside from the new option to change the orientation of the photo, Instagram users can now also adjust the filter intensities for both photos and videos.

This move from Instagram adapts to the constantly way of how other social media networks allow its users to share content. It gives people the freedom they deserve and the opportunity to be more expressive with their stories and posts.

These new features on Instagram is set to come out right away on the next update of the app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Words John Sosmeña

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