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I Am Cardboard rolls out affordable VR headset

I Am Cardboard rolls out affordable VR headset
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Step into the future as Virtual Reality (VR) headsets enter the Philippine shores.

I Am Cardboard Philippines announced the local availability of its newest VR headsets, headlined by the I Am Cardboard (IAC) v2 kit, which retails for just P900.

In a product demonstration among members of the media and tech enthusiasts held at Recession Coffee in Eastwood Mall, Speed got the chance to try out this innovative product that allows a 360-degree multi-sensory VR experience.

Testing the IAC v2 with the VR Roller Coaster app, for example, allows you to feel like you’re riding a roller coaster. Look down and you’ll see your virtual feet as well as the ground far below, while turning your head to your side will let you see the virtual tracks or your virtual buddy sitting beside you. These visuals are complemented by audio blasted through the headphones.

To use the device, you simply need to place your Android or iOS smartphone in front of the IAC VR unit and play any VR mobile application. Once in place, hold the VR unit to your eyes and the immersive experience commences.

For now, I Am Cardboard Philippines is selling just the IAC v2 kits. But it will be expanding its VR collection in the coming months with six product lines that varies from basic cardboard to cutting-edge polycarbonate with augmented reality (AR) capability.

The IAC VR will be exclusively available in Digital Walker boutiques nationwide. You can check out the other available models at

Words and photos Antonio Jose Galauran

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