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Future of manufacturing: Epson dual-arm robots

Future of manufacturing: Epson dual-arm robots
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At the recent International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, Epson demonstrated their next-generation robot solution with the unveiling of their autonomous dual-arm robots, which are expected to change the future of manufacturing.

Epson’s autonomous dual-arm robots boast of human-like abilities such as recognizing objects, regulating the amount of energy they apply to objects, and making decisions while executing the tasks assigned to them. That means they can actually see, sense, react, and think.

The robots have eyes in the form of two cameras. There is also a camera in each of the arms for the robots to see shape and identify location with greater accuracy.

These robots are set to be commercially produced by as early as March 2016. According to Epson, over the next three years they plan to leverage their “unique technologies to provide features that enhance the autonomy of existing robots and, longer term, commercialize the autonomous dual-arm robot.”

Words Aritha Zel Zalamea


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