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Fujitsu holds 2nd Asia Conference in PH

Fujitsu holds 2nd Asia Conference in PH
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Fujitsu Philippines Inc., an Information Technology (IT) systems integrator and solutions provider in the Philippines, recently held its second Fujitsu Asia Conference at the Makati Shangri-La Manila to introduce how the rapid digitalization can drive significant changes to businesses and the environment.

With the theme “Human Centric Innovation in Action,” the conference featured advancements in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that can help create a sustainable future with humans at its core.

“This year’s theme tackles how innovative ICT solutions have impacted the world and how we do business differently to support the larger spectrum of our society,” said Raul ‘Cricket’ Santiago III, president of Fujitsu Philippines.

The Asia Conference was attended by IT professionals and directors from the company’s many customers and partners. According to Santiago, Fujitsu has been delivering next level solutions to its customers in and outside Asia. In the Philippines, he notes that “[Fujitsu] continues to forge strategic endeavors to provide the best solutions and services to our clients, and the conference is one of them.”

“With the second Fujitsu Asia Conference being held in the Philippines, this only signifies Fujitsu’s commitment to the continuous update to our customers on what is happening in the ICT world, aiming to bring global best practices to the Philippines,” he added.

During the conference’s business sessions, Rio Yamaura—vice president of Fujitsu Asia Pte Ltd.’s New Solution Business Division—discussed Fujitsu’s goal of building a Smart City that binds technologies and people together.

“Becoming a smarter city usually depends on the people. It’s actually the people who can make a city smart,” Yamaura said. “Bearing that in mind, Fujitsu has been putting humans at the center of its innovation.”

He added, “While humans are the very core of implementing Human Centric Intelligent Society, they could also be its barriers because they have different ways of thinking, different agenda and culture. To do the right paradigm shift, someone has to lead the way and encourage everyone to land on the same page—otherwise, the vision will just be a big picture.”

Zen Nishi, director of Fujitsu’s Asian Business Development, noted that implementing a smarter city can help ease the world’s many serious problems especially those that pertain to the environment.

“The number of victims during natural disasters and the economic impact has significantly increased in the last 20 years, making preparation more relevant than ever,” Nishi said. “This is why Fujitsu ensures that technologies around the world are ready to overcome natural disasters.”

Meanwhile, Naoki Izula—vice president of Fujitsu’s Data Center Platform Business Unit—asserted that technologies need to “innovate on a day-to-day basis” to better adapt to speed and complexity. However, while end-to-end solutions are needed to unite businesses with its people, the challenge lies on how customers will be able to utilize the technology well.

Yamaura also said, “In 2040 or 2050, there’s going to be a completely different paradigm of the world coming. Maybe something new will happen. No one will know. So that will require a completely different way of thinking. This is where Fujitsu comes in: Fujitsu will create value and follow the changes in the coming decades because nobody knows what will come next.”

With that in mind, Tango Matsumoto, Chief Technology Officer  & Chief Iinformation Offier, Fujitsu Limited shared how a new approach to innovation centered on people can build a better and more connected society for the future. The Human Centric Innovation puts people at the core of innovation, combining business experience with Fujitsu’s expertise in technology.

Fujitsu offers a full range of technology products and services, and with 159,000 support customers in more than 100 countries, the Japanese ICT company will its expertise to shape a more advanced future.

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