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Top photographers rally for Fujifilm’s Mirrorless Revolution

Top photographers rally for Fujifilm’s Mirrorless Revolution
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Top-notch professional photographers convened at the Glasshouse Bar of the New World Hotel in Makati last September 14, Monday. Their agenda: spark the Mirrorless Revolution.

The Mirrorless Revolution, a campaign by Fujifilm Philippines, reintroduces photography using compact-sized mirrorless cameras. Fujifilm believes that these cameras can serve as alternatives to traditional and bulkier DSLRs.

During the event, Fujifilm displayed its X-Series mirrorless camera collection alongside a photo exhibit by Fujifilm photographers.

Fujifilm’s brand ambassadors graced the event, including street photographers Rommel Bundalian and Xyza Bacani, fashion photographer Niko Villegas, commercial photographer Jan Gonzales, and wedding photographer Lito Sy.

According to Fujifilm Product Specialist Glenn Gatan, what mirrorless cameras like the Fujifilm X-Series promise is a portable, quiet, and quality shooting experience that can match or even outdo modern day DLSRs.

“Five advantages why it’s better to go mirrorless: it’s more compact, sound is discreet, it has no mirror shock, it has accurate focus, and of course, [it has] an electric viewfinder,” Gatan said.

Gatan added that doing away with the usual mirror mechanism found in DSLRs allow Fujifilm’s mirrorless cameras to cut down weight.

“[With mirrorless cameras,] You don’t have to lug around very, very heavy DSLRs. Maraming kwento sa mga consumers namin, when they travel abroad, first day palang iniiwan na ‘yung DSLR sa hotel,” he said. “But when you have a mirrorless camera, definitely it’s more compact and lightweight you can bring it with you anyway and everywhere.”

In replacement of the mirror mechanism, the Fujifilm mirrorless cameras draw light and lead it directly to the sensor. Ridding of the mirror also allows mirrorless cameras to reduce shutter noise, something that street photographers Bundalian and Bacani backed as essential in shooting candid street photographs.

Meanwhile, wedding photographer Lito Sy even displayed an X-ray photo of his shoulders that got damaged as a result of carrying heavy equipment. “I’m so happy Fuji came up with these very lightweight cameras that don’t compromise quality,” Sy said of his new-found brand.

Fujifilm claims that its mirrorless camera offers better focusing since focus pixels are embedded on the sensor instead of having a separate autofocus sensor as most DSLRs do. The Electronic View Finder (EVF) in the mirrorless camera allows users to see the actual look of the image before pressing the shutter.

Among the latest cameras included in the Fujifilm X-Series are the Fujifilm X-A2, X100T, X-30, X-T10, X-T1, and X-E2.

During the event, Fujifilm also announced that its cameras and lenses will be on sale until November 30, 2015.

Words and photos Antonio Jose Galauran

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