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12.13.14: Speed’s 12 Days of Christmas

12.13.14: Speed’s 12 Days of Christmas
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Speed‘s 12 Days of Christmas brings you a FREE copy of Speed‘s phenomenal 11th anniversary issue with Bianca Gonzalez (now Mrs. Bianca Intal!) on the cover—a collector’s item that you should reserve a special space for on your shelf, magazine rack, or hard drive.

For 12 days starting December 13, 2014, you will be able to download a FREE copy of Speed‘s 11th anniversary issue in PDF format.

Speed‘s 11th anniversary issue went viral, as prophesied by the cover blurb. That’s why we don’t want you to miss out on this awesome issue, which also contains Speed‘s Eleven Explosive Lists of the top steaks, ramen, 3rd-wave coffee shops, graphic novels, anime TV series, console games, and many more!

You will be treated to the bigger, better, and bolder Speed with new sections, streamlined content, and cutting-edge look.

Read about the viral stories that took place in the past year, why we just can’t help but like and share posts, and the Cybercrime Law. Get to know the Father of Philippine Internet Dr. William Torres, who is more like a cuddly father than an uptight tech guy. And of course, your favorite: Speed‘s unparalleled reviews of devices, including the Apple MacBook Pro, LG G Flex, and Samsung GALAXY NotePRO.

This is Speed‘s way of sharing the holiday spirit and thanking all of you for the strong support you’ve given the magazine this year. Each and everyone of you is the reason that Speed continues to be the leading technology magazine in the Philippines.

But let’s cut the yapping. Download the PDF file now!

Click this link (or right click + Save link as) to download your FREE copy of the Speed May 2014 11th anniversary issue: (56.5MB).

Happy Holidays!

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