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Speed’s Top 3 #MyDadIsTheCoolest shout outs

Speed’s Top 3 #MyDadIsTheCoolest shout outs
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To celebrate Father’s Day last June, Speed launched the #MyDadIsTheCoolest photo contest, where readers and fans were invited to post a photo of them with their dad with a caption that explains why their dad is the coolest. Forty-eight proud sons and daughters entered the contest and showed the world how much they treasure their fathers.

Today, it is our pleasure to announce the three winners of Speed‘s #MyDadIsTheCoolest promo. They are:

Aileen D. Barcarse

“My dad is the coolest because at his age, he’s still as active as ever. Going with us or with friends on out of town trips, be it a swimming outing, fishing, island-hopping, day tours, he joins them simply because these activities make him happy.

He was the one who taught us how to play pingpong, billiards and mahjong, haha

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He got us interested too in photography. He loves taking pictures and the sd card on his smartphone is filled to the brim with photos of just about anything, from his apos to breathtaking sceneries to shared laughter among friends.”

JR Palmenco

“My dad is the coolest because he is most hardworking person I have ever known who worked as a welder, street vendor, a carpenter, a painter, an electrician, an ice-cream man and now a night guard. Even if he’s a busy man, every weekend he’ll make sure that we have time to play our sport together. He loves cycling more than anyone in the family. It’s one of our golden moments to share our thoughts about life while enjoying cycling around the city. Even at age of sixty seven, he still cycles with great phase together with his friends on their club running from Taguig to Batangas and then going back. I can admit that he’s stronger than me when it comes to this sport and I am proud to say that to all of my friends. We admire my father with his strength and endurance since only few might still be able to do that considering his age. After cycling, once we got home; we relax by playing my games in PS4. He loves racing in real life and even in the game. He might be old now but still great in console gaming as he can finish the race on top. We also stream live MMA and Boxing fights as we are fanatics of other sports as well. We learned good values from him and I thanked him for sharing his passion in cycling that I will be able to pass to my daughters and for being such a cool dad to play with me on my gaming console.”

Lloyd Pintal 

“My Dad is the coolest because he taught me many things. He taught me how to be a hard worker, how to be responsible and take responsibility for my actions, he exhibited endless patience and calmness. He showed me how to hold back angry words and wait till you can talk without hurting people. He taught me to always turn to God and to let God change my will and my wants. My dad is the epitome of a mature Christian. He oozes with kindness, caring and gentleness. He has always been there for me and no matter how many times I blew it he was always there with open arms. He is an amazing man and I am so proud to have him as my father and my heritage. He is a man of God and has never wavered in his journey to know God better.”

You each win one Puma Fast Track-L watch (P10,250) for your dad. For details on how to claim your prize, send us an email at editorial@speed-mag.com or call (02) 374-6771 to 74.

Speed would also like thank all those who joined the contest and shared why their fathers are the coolest in the world. You can check out all the entries here: bit.ly/29OvO5w.

Winners are chosen based on the following criteria: 50% – total number of shares and likes of the photo on Speed ‘s Facebook album and 50% – score given by the Speed editorial.

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