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Facebook updates its Terms and Policies—so what’s new?

Facebook updates its Terms and Policies—so what’s new?
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You have probably received a notification from Facebook, saying: “By using our services after January 1, 2015, you agree to our updated terms, data policy, and cookies policy and to seeing improved ads based on apps and sites you use. Learn more below about these updates and how to control the ads you see.” If not, brace yourself.

So, what’s this all about? Facebook is once again rewriting its Terms and Policies effective January 1, 2015, this time making it clearer but no less complicated.

Privacy Basics is Facebook’s latest attempt to simplify and clarify its Terms of Service to get more people to read and understand them. In the form of an interactive guide, Privacy Basics answers frequently asked questions about how to control your information on Facebook and provides tips and suggestions about privacy (as private as you can be in social media).

Let us help you clear your head on the matter with a preview of what’s “new” in Facebook’s latest Terms and Policies:

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  1. Facebook’s Data Policy is now shorter and clearer; it’s easier to understand. The Terms and Cookies Policy also get some revisions—but nothing major.
  1. Discover what’s going on around you? More like location-specific advertisements for you. Once the updates take effect, when you check in an area, Facebook will provide you updates from friends, establishments, or services nearby.
  1. Purchase products without leaving the confines of your Facebook page with the new Buy Now Button. This test button, and the other new ways the company is working on, “[makes] transactions even more convenient.” And an opportunity for Facebook to make some money, right?
  1. Facebook keeps you informed of how it uses the information they receive from you. For example, Facebook asks permission whenever it uses your phone’s location to check in an area or include your location in your post. Facebook also lets you know how Facebook companies such as Instagram and WhatsApp share your information with each other to, in Facebook’s words, “improve your experience.”
  1. Facebook now allows you to manage the advertisements you see across all the devices that you use. If you decide to opt out of a certain advertisement, this choice will apply to all the platforms you use to access your Facebook page. In addition to that, the company begins to extend this feature to more countries such as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, and the UK.

Those are the highlights of the update. To read the rest of it, you can visit facebook.com/about/terms-updates.

Words Patricia Mae Calica

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