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Facebook can now keep unwanted memories from resurfacing

Facebook can now keep unwanted memories from resurfacing
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Ah, memories. Facebook certainly has a way of making things more interesting whenever you visit the social networking site. Faceboook’s “On This Day” feature is a witness—and a guilty accomplice—of these fun times.

This feature brings up old posts from the past. From goofy images with your friends to inspirational posts of your younger self, Faceboook is a gold mine of memories. That is until you find yourself in a vulnerable position where a picture with your ex-flame sneaks up on your page, reminding you of all the good (and bad) times you’re trying to forget.

Before you get overwhelmed by the heartache, check out Facebook’s newest update on its “On This Day” feature. The social network giant gives us a chance to fight back the injustice by finally giving us the power to block unwanted memories out of our lives entirely—well, entirely out of our online profiles, at least.

So how do we work the magic? Simply take a stroll down your “On This Day” page, hit the preferences bar at the upper right corner, and add any person or date you don’t want to see and voila! Your occasional Facebook throwback is ex-free!

The update apparently came from the users’ negative critique of the social networking site for having bad memories included in its “Year In Review” feature.

Try out the new feature and enjoy your cleaner “On This Day” space on Facebook. At least on your Facebook page, you can confidently say: Bye-bye, old beautiful!

Words John Sosmeña

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