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Build your own Bikini Bottom, says Spongebob

Build your own Bikini Bottom, says Spongebob
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Guess who lives in a pineapple under the sea and is now moving into our smartphones, too.

Spongebob Moves In is a new app from Nickelodeon, where you can build your own Bikini Bottom. Think of it as an underwater Sim City in stylized 2D. Kids and kids at heart can use their imagination to customize their city with different characters, buildings, and accessories.

Players can also achieve mayor status by keeping the people/sea creatures happy. Bikini Bottomers (or whatever they’re called) wish for things like Krabby Patties or bouquets of flowers. When these wishes are granted, you earn happiness points. When your happiness point meter is full, you advance to the next level, unlock more quests, and buy accessories at the store. Now, that’s power to the people–or fish. Whatever.

That could make you think this is just an under-the-sea Sim City. It is, up until this clever bit: players can unlock app-exclusive back stories as they advance to higher levels.

Finally, we will have all the answers that plagued our happy childhood: Why is Squidward so cranky? Why is Plankton so mad? What is it with SpongeBob and blowing bubbles? And, how did they all get to Bikini Bottom?

Words Elaine Cotoner


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