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Boompods brings music anywhere, everywhere

Boompods brings music anywhere, everywhere
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Boompods made some noise when it introduced its colorful and stylish products to the Philippine market.

Featuring a unique pod-shaped design across its product line, Boompods offers a new and more affordable alternative way for you to enjoy your music and mobile experience.

During the launch of the Boompods products at the F1 Hotel in Bonifacio Global City, Speed got the chance to talk to Boompods founder Prem Balani. Balani shared how the company started and introduced to us each of their products.

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Silent beginnings

Balani and his business partners started as product designers for famous home ware brands back in England. But as they saw the shift toward technology, the group realized that audio devices and accessories are promising markets they can explore.

Taking the experience of doing designs in candle holders and other home ware stuff to develop a nice audio product, Balani and his team was able to create a product line.

The three-year-old company continues to expand its market reach and variation of products. Today, Boompods is available in countries such as England, Germany, U.S.A, Australia, Japan, and most Asian countries including Thailand, the U.A.E, and of course, the Philippines.

And there’s more to come, according to Balani. “[We will be participating in] the IFA 2015 in Berlin, Germany [this September], where you’re going to see some new products of Boompods being displayed. It’s bit early. I can’t say much about what they are, but in a couple of months everyone’s going to know,” said Balani.

Downdraft 02
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Peas in a pod

Boompods’ first and signature product, the Downdraft, started the signature look that the company hinged its market on. This unassuming speaker features a pod-shaped design that is very unique compared to existing speakers and audio devices currently in the market. “We’ve always liked that soft touch [and] the curve. It gives you that feeling it’s enclosed. It’s safe [and] concealed inside,” explained Balani.

To make the experience more tactile and fresh for the user, they added the rubber texture and various color option to the Downdraft. The coolest thing, however, about this audio product is its downward-facing speaker. Placing the audio device on a surface causes the sound coming from it to bounce upwrd in a 380-degree angle.

From the Downdraft, the company now has 16 audio devices and accessories that showcase the same design aesthetic, and about 150 in total if you include products across multiple colors and Apple or Android compatibility. Boompods offers speakers, headphones, ear phones, power banks, and connectivity cables.

Boom for buck

Boompods promises a boom that is worth every buck you spent on their product. Not only you have nice, colorful gadgets, you also get quality experience at price lower than a lot of brands out there.

Aside from the Downdraft, other products were introduced during the event. The Double Blaster—a wireless portable audio device—features a 3W speaker and a passive subwoofer technology. It delivers incredible bass and massive sound for up to six hours of playback. Equipped with a Bluetooth 3.0 transmission, the Double Blaster can connect to your device within a range of up to 10 meters.

Boompods’ wireless foldable headphones do away the hassle of wires. You can listen up to 8 hours by simply charging the headphones for 3 hours via a USB charging cable. Comaptible with all iPhone handsets, the foldable headphones has a built-in mic and music controls feature on the LED earpiece.

Multiple cables are a thing of the past with the one meter Boompods Duocable—a lightning and microUSB cable in one. it lets you sync and charge your iOS and Android or microUSB devices at the same time.

New products were also introduced in the event, including the Aquapods and the Sportspods. The waterproof, Bluetooth Aquapods speaker will keep music alive during the rainy season, while the Sportspods headphones will fuel your drive during workouts and trainings.

Music anywhere, everywhere

Macpower Marketing is the official distributor of Boompods here in the Philippines. But you can also order Boompods’ audio devices and gadget accessories anywhere, everywhere you are, as the company partnered with online retailer Lazada (

For  more exciting promos and offers from Boompods, subscribe to their Facebook page (

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