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Apple unveils iOS 7

Apple unveils iOS 7
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Ever met someone with whom you instantly hit off? You know this one’s new, but the familiarity is like someone of old. That is what Apple promises with the iOS 7. The OS comes with a redesigned interface and brand new features, but with a feel that you will instantly feel at home with.

Redesigned Interface

Meanwhile in the Apple office, sticky notes are everywhere. The word in all of them: Simplicity. We haven’t been in the Apple office for real (plotting a break-in soon), but simplicity is a running theme in the iOS 7. Let’s spot the difference, shall we?

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  • The old font (which is somewhere in my memory attic) has been replaced with a slicker Helvetica Neue Ultra (the font in the WWDC banners.)
  • Depth perception will leave you peeking inside your phone because it looks so real.
  • See-through lock screen! The slider is translucent above the background image. Translucency is a consistent theme in the iOS 7, too.
  • The icons have been redesigned to be flatter. Favorite app for the moment: Weather app. It changes the background to match the weather.
Brand New Features

Control Center

This is a local control center easily accessible as a pull-up tray in the lock screen. Adjust brightness, volume, connectivity, and other settings. You can access camera, music, and other apps with just a click from the control center. Uh-huh. And you haven’t even left the lock screen yet.


Pressing the home button twice gives you a preview of the apps you have open. Swipe the app out the window to quit it. Oh, and this phone takes the time to get to know you. Let’s say you always check Facebook first thing in the morning. Updates will then be ready and waiting before you wake up. Stalker-cool.


The design has receded to elevate content; Safari opens to full screen automatically. And tabs! The tabs can be scrolled in a vertical carousel. You can now have as many tabs as you want—as opposed to just eight in the last version.

Cameras & Photos

Meteor shower! Let me just adjust the setti—What? Over already?  The iOS 7 does away with missed moments because changing camera settings can now be done via swiping. There are also new filters to play around with. Best of all, iOS 7 lets you group your photos into Moments, Collections, and Years based on the time and place they were taken.

Smarter Siri

Is it the end of Siri jokes? One thing’s for sure: Siri’s smarter (and hopefully less snarky) than ever with the help of Twitter, Wikipedia, and Bing. Also, she will no longer just be a “she.” Siri will come in a male voice, too, and will speak English, French, and German, on request. Maybe you can learn another language during coffee breaks.


Send text and photos easily with a simple tap with Airdrop. Just tap “Share” and select the person you want to share that content with. Airdrop does the rest via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi without confusing the hell out of you with setup and stuff.

App Store

The largest app store now has an Apps Near Me option that shows popular apps relevant to your area. The apps update themselves automatically in the background, too. No more little red badge hinting for your attention.

iTunes Radio

Ah, with the iTunes library overflowing, it’s about time. iTunes Radio lets you preview and purchase songs with buttons that send you to the iTunes store. Click a star to say that’s the type of music you want, and it gives you just that.

Activation Lock

A phone this good? Bound to get stolen for sure. There, there. If a thief tries to turn off Find My Phone, they can’t turn the device back on without your iCloud password. It’s the least you can do to get some justice around here.

A feel of home

Simplicity, says Apple, is not merely minimalism or absence of clutter; it is bringing order to complexity. The OS is designed in a way that when you pick it up for the first time, you already know what to do–just like being in your own home.

Words Elaine Cotoner

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