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Apacer releases world’s first dual interface SSD

Apacer releases world’s first dual interface SSD
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Apacer Technology released the AS720 SSD, the world’s first dual interface SSD with the newest USB 3.1 and TYPE-C connector.

The AS720, the first SSD equipped with SATA III, adopts a two-in-one high-speed transmission interface design. The SATA III provides fast read and write speeds, allowing you to move shots from your camera to the AS720 and edit the photos straight off the SSD.

Compatible with Mac or Windows, the AS720 has read and write speeds of 540MB/s and 450MB/s, respectively, when connected to a USB 3.1 interface. Ensuring enhanced reliability of data transmission and longer service life, the AS720 boasts built-in advanced wear leveling, Error Correction Code (ECC) functions, and Win7 Trim command support.

The AS720 240GB SSD sports incredible compactness with its 0.7cm-thin body and 75g weight. Its body fuses exquisite gold with metallic cutting design, subtly demonstrating a clean fashion style in its low profile. The AS720 SSD also features 30g anti-vibration and 3000g anti-shock protections, so there’s no need for you to worry about data corruption even on the go.

As customers demand for more storage devices, Apacer believes that a portable SSD with fast speed and high capacity is the key to mastering storage mobility. Apacer’s latest AS720 SSD combines dual-interface and high-speed transmission with superior stable performance for unmatched speed and durability, making itself the prime choice among the new-generation mobile storage devices.

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