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Acer introduces updated lineup of DLP projectors

Acer introduces updated lineup of DLP projectors
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Acer Philippines launches its latest range of high quality projectors, including the top-of-the-line the ES-12 and the newest X117H.

The new projector models use the DLP technology with high-performing and heavy-duty chips. With the Digital Micromirror Device Chip (DMD), DLP is supposed to produce better quality image compared to other projector technologies.

“DLP Projector Technology is different because of its Digital Micromirror Device Chip that projects a thousand mirrors to compose a high-definition image. Other technology makes use of LCD panels to produce a colored image,” Faith Kuo of Acer Headquarters in Taiwan explained during the launch of the new Acer projectors at SM City North EDSA Skydome.

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Faith Kuo of Acer Headquarters-Taiwan

DMD chips are sealed, ensuring that dust won’t accumulate and color decay is preventable. This also makes the projectors require less maintenance.

“The DMD Chip is highly durable and long-lasting which contributes to the DLP Projector’s Total Cost of Ownership,” Kuo emphasized.

The Acer ES-12 is Acer’s prime model of the DLP projector. It has a standard resolution of 800 x 600 and can be maximized to support up to 1920 x 1200 resolution. The ES-12 has 3000 lumens and maintains quality by providing 1.07 billion colors and a contrast ratio of 20,000:1.

Meanwhile, the company pushes its boundaries even further in the projector business with its newest Acer X117H model. The X117H basically has the same baseline features of the ES-12 but delivers more brightness and vividness.

“Two biggest highlight features of the X117H is its brightness and contrast ratio,” Kuo said. “It now has 3,600 brightness compared to the mainstream brightness of 3,200 lumens and 20,000:1 contrast ratio compared to the mainstream contrast ratio.”

Acer projectors support a standard screen ratio of 4:3 and a compatible aspect ratio of 16:9. These projectors have a minimum projection distance of one meter and maintain quality image at a maximum of 11.80 meters. Plus, with a 40-degree keystone correction, the new Acer projectors automatically adjusts vertical distortions. These products are handy and lightweight at 2.50kg and can be installed on the ceiling.

The recently launched products are eco-friendly and eco-smart as well. Power consumption can be reduced by 90 on stand-by and by 70 percent when turned on.

“Most of the total projector market is coming from the Academe and SMB’s. The Academe comprises of about 54 percent while SMB’s comprise of 21 percent (IDC),” Kuo said.

The rest of Acer DLP projectors in the lineup are the compact K138STi, P6500, S1383WHne, and the V7500. Available nationwide, the Acer ES-12 is priced at P18,999 and the Acer X117H is at P22,990.

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