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3D: Coming to smartphones near you

3D: Coming to smartphones near you
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Speed got an exclusive press pass to the launch of Whoosh3D at Red, Shangri-La, Makati last July 3.

Whoosh3D–a mobile app developed by Mr. Simon Gemayel, chairman and founder of 3DMe, under parent company IpC HK Ltd.–lets you watch any video in 3D. On your smartphone. Without the glasses.

You can switch from 2D to 3D while watching a video, and it adjusts real-time. The depth perception can also be changed to suit your preferences. The app is compatible with 3D phones, whether Android or iOS.  Non-3D smartphones won’t be left out with a 3D lens and case set that the company will be selling for US$35 (or around P1,500). That’s adding a new dimension to your movie night, literally.

Whoosh3D is a world’s first in the mobile app market. The developers also see a future beyond entertainment, as the app can be used to aid in the fields of medicine and education, and will be an innovative way to advertise with 3D billboards.

Whoosh3D has teamed up with local phone brand MyPhone to incorporate Whoosh3D in MyPhone’s new line of 3D smartphones.

Aside from the mobile app, the company has established itself in the market with photobooths, phone cases, and photo frames, all with 3D technology. The company’s move to mobile market is its step to take instant, simple, and affordable 3D to the masses, says Gemayel.

His 3D platform started in 2002 initially with 3DMe, a brand launched in the Philippines in 2006. 3DMe is a sister company involved in 3D photo print industry, 3D photo booth, and other 3D lifestyle products.

Itching to get the app? It will be available real soon. We’ll keep you posted on the details.

Words Elaine Cotoner

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