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Make the most out of Android 5.0 Lollipop

Make the most out of Android 5.0 Lollipop
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The recent Android 5.0 Lollipop update brings a host of new features and functions for you to enjoy. Here are a few easy tips to help you lick that Lollipop.


Search settings: Open Settings, tap the magnifying glass icon, and start searching.

Clear app icons: Open Play Store > Settings and uncheck the box to stop adding new app icons to your homescreen.

Easy wake: Double-tap the display to activate it.

Add any email service to Gmail: Tap the Gmail icon, scroll to the bottom, and tap Settings > Add account.

Set metered Wi-Fi network: Go to Settings > Data Usage to set network restrictions for background data and large downloads.

Tap & go: Pair your Lollipop device with any Android 4.1+ smartphone through NFC to transfer information. Simply unlock your devices and place them back-to-back until you hear a tone.

Play Flappy Android: Open Settings > About phone or tablet > Android version. Tap the Android version repeatedly until the Lollipop screen appears, then press and hold to play.

Deactivate calendar background: Go to Settings and tap the slider.

Activate 5.1 surround sound: Open Settings > Enable Surround Sound.



Easy Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: Swipe down to open Quick Settings and select a network under the Wi-Fi icon, or tap the Bluetooth icon to manage its settings.

Flashlight: Open Quick Settings and tap the button to turn on your flashlight. No need for a separate app!

Chromecast: Swipe down and tap Cast Screen to activate Chromecast.



Bluetooth unlock: Unlock your mobile via Bluetooth or NFC device. Just open Settings > Security > Smart Lock and
add your Bluetooth device.

Instant lock: Go to Settings > Security to enable locking your device when it sleeps or when you press the Power button.

Face unlock: Open Settings > Security > Smart Lock to activate face recognition (plus pattern or password) to unlock your device.



Quick-access toggle: Swipe down on the notification bar twice to view your toggles, or slide once using two fingers for the expanded view.

Ambient display: Go to Settings > Display then toggle Ambient Display on, so your device displays your notifications whenever you pick it up.

Hide lockscreen information: Open Settings > Sound & notification > App notifications, to manage apps with private info. Then open Settings > Sound & notification > change displayed information when your device is locked.

Do not disturb: Open Settings > Interruptions to select and mute notifications.

Pinch to expand: From either the lockscreen or main notification bar, pinch to expand and view notification details.



Restrict profile: Open Settings > Users > Restricted profile to limit what other users can see.

Guest profile: Open Settings > Users > Create Guest profile to access the device from the lockscreen.

View storage: Open Settings > Storage then scroll down to see each user’s space usage.



Check battery: Swipe down with two fingers to Quick Settings to see your battery percentage.

Battery usage: Tap the battery icon in Quick Settings to view each app’s battery consumption.

Power saver: Tap the menu button in the battery status area to activate the Power Saver mode.


Words Carmela Maraan Fernando
First published in Speed January 2015

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