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Dog & Bone Wetsuit: A case of total protection

Dog & Bone Wetsuit: A case of total protection
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The world’s first topless direct touchscreen waterproof and drop-proof smartphone case, the Dog & Bone Wetsuit for iPhone 6 and 6s,  is now available in the Philippines—and it boasts of a new slim triple layer of shock protection in the slimmest form and most touch-able design yet.

Dog & Bone’s Wetsuit iPhone 6S/6 case is water-, shock-, dirt- and snow-proof, so you can jump activity to activity—from land to water—and stay confident that your smartphone is protected.

Why waterproof protection?

Because sometimes you just don’t know where and when the next splash will come, waterproof smartphone cases just make good sense. Ever been caught out in the rain? Spilt your drink? Or made too much of a splash cooking?  You’re not alone.

A study conducted by found 31 percent of Britons claimed to have damaged a handset with water or another liquid substance in the past.

Why go topless?

If you enjoy optimum touchscreen sensitivity on your smartphone, you should really instead ask why you wouldn’t go topless.

Check out the rest of the features of the Dog & Bone Wetsuit smartphone case here:

Touch ID Compatibility
The Wetsuit case is masterfully designed with Touch ID compatibility for the iPhone 6 and 6s. It’s also the first waterproof mobile case of its kind to do so with a topless front.

Slim triple layer of protection
The Wetsuit for iPhone 6/6s enjoys more protection in its slimmest form. A triple layer of shock protection with its silicon boot, polycarbonate back, and rubber over molding means you can take on any activity, whether on land or in water, and stay confident that your iPhone is protected.

You can take your Wetsuit for iPhone 6/6s waterproof rugged case to work, the beach, camping, or pottering in the garden. Your case is protected from dirt, sand, and dust particles.

This rugged smartphone case meets and exceeds Military standards to withstand drops to 6.6 feet (two meters).

With an IP68 rating, there isn’t another smartphone case that offers a higher level of ingress protection from water.

Go to the snow, ski, and skate with your rugged Wetsuit for iPhone 6/6s waterproof rugged case. Fully sealed from snow and ice, the Wetsuit smartphone case lets you enjoy a winter escape with confidence.

You can get your own Dog & Bone Wetsuit now. It is available in all Switch stores nationwide.

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