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Speed staff’s tech to expect in 2014

Speed staff’s tech to expect in 2014
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Speed‘s January 2014 issue embodies the Tech to Expect theme, one that always starts the year for the magazine. But Speed has also greeted the past 10 years with a January-February double issue, so this inaugural January issue is extra special and avant-garde. As if that isn’t enough to make you tingle, the ever-so-captivating Marian Rivera decks the cover with her unprecedented beauty and charm.

While you hold this printed treasure in your hand, read yet another bonus. Speed‘s editorial and creative staff have been chattering among themselves, pitting their own tech resolutions, predictions, and expectations against each other’s. So, we gave them floor to share their thoughts lest they implode.

1. What device or technology are you looking forward to the most?

Kaye: Super smart self-driving cars

Zel: Teleporter, body temperature-conditioning patch

Elaine: Jet packs for all! Vertical farming becoming mainstream

Topper: Memory eraser a la MIB‘s Neuralyzer

Chris: Time machine

Melai: Competion of “Ultrahaptics” development

2. What is your tech resolution?

Kaye: Regularly clean my email and SMS inboxes

Zel: Be more active on social media, free my hard drives of unnecessary files

Elaine: #365Grateful – take one photo a day of something I’m grateful for. And organize my files.

Topper: Organize my digital cabinet

Melai: I’ve been participating in “A Photo A Day/Project 365″ since 2011 but I never got to finish them. I’ll try to accomplish it this year! Also, master design and video editing software, and attend digital art workshops.

3. What new skill will you be learning?

Kaye: Awesome video editing skillz!

Zel: HTML5, driving on the highway

Elaine: Driving, shooting decent photos, and producing documentaries

Topper: Mobile app development, interactive e-publishing

Chris: 3D animation, digital/Web publishing

Melai: Creating 3D art/animation

4. What new tech should be invented?

Zel: Ultimate pain killer, cancer cure

Elaine: Teleportation pods, please?

Topper: Memory restorer, robot/android pal

Chris: Time machine

Melai: Time machine

5. Geek will be the new—?

Kaye: chic

Zel: you

Elaine: rock star overlords of the world

Topper: norm!

Chris: revolution

Melai: boss

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