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Speed staff talks cars, plays MMDA/LTFRB chief

Speed staff talks cars, plays MMDA/LTFRB chief
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In time for the Speed March issue, the magazine’s first Car & Bike special for 2014, the Speed staff plays MMDA/LTFRB chief in hopes of helping solve Metro Manila’s traffic woes while sharing their dream cars and memorable road experiences.

1. Are you the designated driver or passenger?

Kaye: Depends on the car we’re using. But the husband loves to drive, so I’m usually the passenger (or the annoying co-pilot).

Zel: Backseat driver. Better if you just let me sleep.

Topper: I drive. But cab drivers don’t let me. Cabs don’t have automatic transmission, anyway.

Chris: Definitely, absolutely, positively passenger. For now.

Melai: Passenger. I haven’t mastered my driving skills yet.

Kevin: I’m comfortable sitting in the passenger seat. But one of these days, I’ll master driving.

2. What was the first car that you took out for a spin?

Kaye: Mitsubishi Lancer box type (pawis-steering!)

Zel: I can’t remember if the first was a Toyota Tamaraw FX or a Honda Civic hatchback.

Topper: A stainless steel owner-type jeep

Chris: A Kia Pride CD5

Melai: Our family car 1995 Toyota Corolla

Kevin: Our old but dependable 1995 Toyota Corolla

3. What car means the most to you? Why?

Kaye: The cars my dad used to bring to/pick me up from school

Zel: Our family’s Ford Cortina and Isuzu Gemini

Topper: My first car, Suzuki Esteem

Chris: A very dependable Nissan Bida AUV named Innora

Melai: The Toyota Corolla my late dad bought for the family. It’s also his first car.

Kevin: The Toyota Corolla. During family trips, I sleep at the backseat on our way home.

4. If money is not an issue, what car would you drive in Metro Manila?

Kaye: Lexus CT 200h, Porsche Panamera S Hybrid, Ford Explorer 4×2 Limited with EcoBoost

Zel: A 100% solar-powered car. If oil supply and environmental degradation aren’t an issue either, Hummer H2, Toyota FJ Cruiser, and an old American pickup and muscle car.

Topper: Ford Ranger Wildtrak or Chevrolet Colorado or 2014 Ford F-150

Chris: Tesla Model S, Ford F-150 pickup, and an RV for the family

Melai: Hummer H2, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Jeep Wrangler. I have a thing for big cars

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Kevin: Toyota Innova

5. What’s your most memorable driving experience?

Kaye: Driving in Subic for the first time and getting my first ever traffic violation ticket for entering a no-entry zone.

Zel: I take the Fifth.

Topper: My first long drive to Batangas pier–140kph on the freeway

Chris: Refer to #2

Melai: My first day of driving school. I absolutely had no idea what to do but I survived!

Kevin: That 15-hour ride from Camarines Sur to Manila. That was the longest drive I’ve ever experienced.

6. What drives you crazy on the road?

Kaye: Texting while driving, drivers who have no regard for life and the law, drivers who tailgate, jaywalkers, and motorists who throw litter out of their vehicles.

Zel: Drivers who don’t use signal lights, don’t give way to pedestrians or other vehicles, and honk like it’s EDSA Dos.

Topper: Drivers who counterflow and bikers who think they’re kings of the road!

Chris: Drivers who don’t know how to use signal lights.

Melai: Irresponsible jeep, truck, and bus drivers; jaywalkers

Kevin: Vehicles that suddenly appear out of nowhere, irresponsible drivers and jaywalkers (seriously, aren’t you at the very least threatened by speeding cars? use the footbridge and pedestrian lane)

7. If you were MMDA or LTFRB chief, how will you solve the traffic problem in Metro Manila?

Kaye: Enforce a strict driver’s licensure exam to make sure only those who really know how to drive and obey traffic rules are given the privilege to go behind the wheel. Ban dilapidated PUVs and private cars. Improve roads and mass railroad transportation.

Topper: I second the Chief! Make her deputy LTFRB czar or MMDA queen!

Zel: Suspend driver’s licenses at first offense! Require road etiquette seminars. Strictly implement traffic rules, ban old/dilapidated PUVs, allow only trucks with up to six wheels within Metro Manila, and create real loading/unloading bays, bike lanes, and sidewalks, and safer footbridges. I want a more expansive and efficient railway system, more flyovers, and better urban zoning.

Chris: Lessen cars. More bike lanes!

Melai: Transform Metro Manila to a walkable city–plant more trees, and have wider sidewalks, bicycle lanes, footbridges, and pedestrian crossings–so people would choose to leave their cars at home.

Kevin: Promote the use of bicycles for a more environment-friendly city. Add more bike lanes and plant more trees. Also, monitor traffic enforcers to eradicate the “lagay system” for a stricter enforcement of traffic laws and regulations.


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