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New Year, New You? All you need is an accountability partner

New Year, New You? All you need is an accountability partner
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New Year resolutions, bucket lists, and #12booksfor12months are just few of the many ways you set your goals for the whole year. We get it, you want to be a better version of your last year’s self. Who doesn’t, right? But while you’ve done all the talking (and some writing), walking the talk seems to be the most difficult task to accomplish.

There are a lot of how-to articles and self-help manuals around the Web, and not one gives you that motivational kick to start working through your to-do list. Enters Partners in Grind. This new website saves you the hassle of looking for that appropriate morning exercise or finding the correct meal plan, plus the extra push to achieve your goal…from a random stranger.

Simply put, Partners in Grind in a match-making system that pairs individuals with the same goals together. It’s simple, fast, and gets the job done for people who need extra motivation from outside of their usual circle of friends.

What’s the point, you ask? Well, with friends comes comfort, and comfort can turn into mediocrity in the gym or leniency on the dining table. Think about munching on a double bacon cheeseburger while your friend is in the background violently nodding his head like it’s the only workout he’s done for the day. However, in a system where you are honest about your goals, expectations, and more importantly, your progress, it can be a completely different ball game. After all, you and your partner in grind set the same goals and both of you need to see it through—whether by cheering each other on or competing against one another.

Signing up on the website is for free. you will also be given side tips on how to set achievable goals throughout the program. Extra gym memberships, protein shakes, and yoga sessions are up to the individual, but the end goal remains the same: find a partner and work together.

Interested in setting your goals in stone? Head on to and answer the sign-up sheet to get your self matched with a partner and competition. Ass-to-grass, ladies and gentlemen, let’s get it done!


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