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20 new features to try in iOS 10

20 new features to try in iOS 10
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Just a few days after unveiling the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple begins to roll out iOS 10 for compatible devices today. Packed with new functions, hidden features, and third-party app integrations, the iOS 10 gives you a lot of nooks to explore. But if you want to try all the new stuff right away, here are the top features to start with:

Uninstall stock apps

Finally, iOS 10 let you remove stock apps, like Stocks, iBooks, Podcasts, and Watch. Just like how you uninstall apps in iOS, tap and hold on an app icon to see the small cross button. You can then remove the apps that you want gone. Don’t worry, you can reinstall the apps from iTunes.


Some apps such as Health, Safari, and Wallet still won’t budge, and you just have to live with it.

Raise to Wake

Check your notifications without pushing buttons with the new “Raise to Wake” feature in the iOS 10. Pick up your phone, and the lock screen appears. Available only on the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, SE, 7, and 7 Plus, this feature can be disabled when you go to Settings > Display & Brightness.

New emojis

According to Apple over 100 new emojis are added in iOS 10. Some existing emojis got the option of male or female versions, while several are entirely new. Tap the emoji button on the keyboard and express yourself in more colorful ways.


Replace texts with emojis

Have you always find it difficult to look for the right emoji when you send a message? In iOS 10, emojis are already included in the suggested words, so you can click on the emoji when you want to put it in your message.

Or, you can complete your message and then tap on the emoji icon. You’ll see that the words that can be replaced with emojis will be highlighted. Just click on the word to replace it with the suggested emoji.

Launch camera faster on the lock screen

From the lock screen, you can easily get into the camera app and start taking pictures by swiping the screen to the left. It’s a tad easier compared to swiping up on the camera icon in iOS 9. However, there is no way to disable this feature.

Use Siri with third-party apps

Since Apple has made Siri available to app developers in iOS 10, you will be able to find more third-party apps that make use of the digital assistant. Some apps that already have Siri functions built into them are LinkedIn and Slack.

Smart searches in Photos

The Photos app in iOS 10 features a more intelligent picture processing feature, so you can easily find what you are looking for, whether it’s a date, a person, or a place.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+

Look for “food,” “sunset,” or “beach” to try this new Photos feature.

Deal with notifications anywhere

Apple has also revamped the way you can access your notifications in iOS 10. When you receive a notification from an app, you don’t need to open the app in question to see the options you have for the alert you received. This feature is possible on the lock screen or when you are busy using another app. The options you get depends on the app.


Bedtime feature

The updated Clock app in iOS 10 makes sure you are getting enough sleep with the new Bedtime feature. You can set the time you want to wake up and on which days, and how many hours of sleep you’d like. Your iPhone will alert you when it’s time to sleep and will help you keep your sleeping patterns as regular as possible.


Share links on iMessage

When you send a URL in Messages, it automatically turns into a visual preview with the photos and headline pulled from the website. You can receive a YouTube or Vimeo link and watch it in-line. Similarly, you can play an audio recording you received without leaving the app.



Song lyrics in Apple Music

Apple gave its Music app a fresh new look, but only few features are added. One of which is the option to display the lyrics of the song currently playing on the app. Note, however, that not all songs have lyrics attached to them.


Transcribe voicemails

You never have to listen to your voicemails again as iOS 10 comes with a voicemail transcription feature, which translates your audio voicemails to text.


Phone support for VoIP services

Since we almost all the time use different apps—Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp among others—to make and take phone calls, Apple made sure to create a more seamless experience by making third-party VoIP calls resemble a native Phone call.

In addition to that, these calls will be saved in your Recents and Favorites as well.

New Home app

iOS 10 brings with it a new app called Home, which lets you manage all your HomeKit devices and settings. You can group settings together in particular scenes, turn on or off devices, and use Siri to activate functions.

Multi-lingual keyboard support

You can now type in multiple languages in iOS 10. QuickType will make suggestions in whatever language you are typing even if you didn’t switch to that language’s official keyboard.

To enable multilingual support, you will first need to add the different language keyboard, however in Settings > General > Keyboard.

Edit Live Photos

You can now trim your Live Photos clip, add a filter, and select the still frame. Live Photos now also have digital video image stabilization.


Better Maps

Apple gave a bunch of handy updates to Apple Maps in iOS 10. From the front screen, swipe up on the search box to see places you visit or search for regularly. It will look at destinations you’ve visited in the past, places that you’ve recently searched for, and locations logged in your calendar to make some of them accessible with a tap.

Navigating in Maps, you can get information to better assess the traffic conditions. It will give you important pitstops, from gas stations to coffee shops, on the way to your final destination. And since Apple has opened Maps to third-party developers, it now has custom extensions that allows you to reserve a table in a restaurant or book an Uber ride from your location.

Make your messages more fun

Similar to WhatsApp and Snapchat, iMessage has been upgraded to include features such as doodles, GIFs, and stickers. It now lets you send sketches or videos (or videos with sketches on top), too. Alternatively, type out your message then press and hold the blue send button to see a choice of options; you can change its ‘weight’ or send it as ‘invisible ink’, which needs to be scratched off.

Change Flashlight intensity

No more blinding lights. For iOS devices with 3D Touch, it is now possible to change the intensity of the flashlight to low, medium, or high. To do this, pull up the Control Center and use 3D Touch to tap on the flashlight icon.

Optimize music storage

A new feature in iOS 10 help you manage your free storage. Go to Settings > Music, and you’ll come across a new Optimize Storage heading. If you have iCloud Music Library enabled, turn this toggle switch on, and iOS 10 then takes it upon itself to delete the local copies of tracks you haven’t listened to in a while if you’re low on space.

Launch the Camera without stopping the music

Before iOS 10, launching the Camera would automatically pause whatever audio was playing. Now, the music won’t abruptly stop when you take a picture or video, so you can take party or lip sync videos easily.

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