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LuMee: Light up your life

LuMee: Light up your life
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Everyone wants to be seen in their best light—and LuMee makes it happen wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

LuMee is a brilliant smartphone case with front-facing LED lights on both sides, which let you take bright photos and videos regardless of the lighting condition.

LuMee features a one-click on/off control and Dimmer Switch for controlling the brightness of the LED lights. As a case, LuMee ensures your phone’s protection as it is tough and made of impact-resistant plastic. This smartphone case also comes with its own rechargeable battery to power the LED lights.

LuMee aims to change the way people take pictures and share images on social media. You can try for yourself how brilliant your photos will be. Try LuMee when capturing:

Brilliant vacation memories

After a gorgeous day in the country, the fun doesn’t have to set with the sun. LuMee brightens all your best vacation moments even at night.


After dark is when you and LuMee really shine. At clubs or concerts, limos or luaus, restaurants or rooftop parties, you can take brighter selfless selfless and video chat. Girls can even apply makeup with LuMee’s help.

Special events

Look your best day and night as LuMee provides the light that is always right. Celebrants and guests will love LuMee because it’s the best accessory to have in a very special event.

Everyday life

Shine bright everyday. From lighter selfies and brighter group photos to going on FaceTime or retouching your face, LuMee is there for you.

It’s your time to shine with LuMee! Available in all Switch stores and Globe GEN 3 stores nationwide, LuMee retails for only P2,490 for iPhone 6 and 6s and P2,690 for iPhone 6 and 6s Plus.


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