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How To: Silence that velcro

How To: Silence that velcro
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You are a photojournalist about to shoot a potentially dangerous drug bust. You are crouched quietly outside an unsuspecting shack with a dozen policemen waiting for the crucial moment to pounce.

Your hair is drenched from fear and anticipation. Sweat is pooling from your head to your eyes but you ignore the sting; you do not even dare breathe.

Two minutes before the raid you decide to change your camera lens. You clutch at your bag, eyes never leaving your target. You lift the flap. Then, like a big baboon’s fart in the dead silence of the night, the velcro hook belches as it separates from the loop.

Pandemonium erupts. Gun shots everywhere. And you die, still grasping that deadly velcro flap.

It could happen to you. To prevent untimely death and other occupational hazards, here are three steps to silencing that fatal velcro. All you need is a small sewing kit, a patch of cloth, and a button. Step 1: Measure and cut the cloth to a size that would cover up the velcro. You can sew one edge of the cloth onto the flap/bag. Or not. It’s up to you. Step 2: Sew the button onto the flap/bag. Step 3: Cut a slit into the cloth for the button. You can also cut another slit for your bag’s plastic clip, if needed (see photo). And you’re done. You now have an option to leave the cloth fastened to the button while leaving the velcro unhindered for quick fastening. Or you can remove it altogether if your velcro does not need any muting. Or, if you can take another minute or two to tinker with that little sewing kit, find a seam-ripper and remove the velcro—if it really bothers you that much. That’s Step 4 for you, optional. Words Sarah Katrina Maramag First published in Speed June 2013

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