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The Fabric of Ford: Ready for the long haul

The Fabric of Ford: Ready for the long haul
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Ford engineers scratch, snag, and stretch the different materials that go inside a Ford vehicle to ensure their durability and suitability for long-term customer use.

Throughout a vehicle’s lifetime, it’s inevitable that the materials inside a car show signs of wear and tear. Just imagine the frequent sitting on car seats, leaning on arm rests, gripping of the steering wheel, and fiddling with the instruments. So, what does Ford do to help make sure all its vehicles are up to this challenge?

To guarantee the durability of the fabrics, leathers, and plastics, Ford engineers subject every material used inside Ford vehicles to a series of meticulous and unrelenting tests. These materials are stretched, scratched, snagged, sniffed, and even splashed with grease, dirt, and hot coffee, among others, to see how they will stand up against the test of time.

These tests are done to help ensure it takes a lot more than a spilled cup of coffee, the graze of a sharp edge, or any accidental scrapes and scuffs that might break down these materials. Here are some of the unusual ordeals Ford materials need to go through include:

  • The Five-Finger Scratch Test, which is used to scratch samples of different plastics to see how much abuse they can take.

  • The Soil and Cleanability Test, which splashes different substances on seat fabrics to evaluate how well they can be cleaned afterwards and test their overall stain resistance.

  • The Resistance to Dye Transfer Test, which rubs materials of different colors against the leather used for car seats to see if any stains are left behind

  • The Mace Snagging Test, which spins seat fabrics on rotating rollers roughly 600 times while they’re repeatedly struck by a spikey iron ball to test how strong they are

In addition to that, a team of examiners smell various samples of materials used inside Ford vehicles and rank them, helping the engineers achieve interiors that are free of disturbing odors.

The meticulous nature of these tests is a testament to Ford’s unwavering commitment to delivering quality vehicles to customers. Ford goes the extra mile to ensure standards of comfort and durability, as well as an environment that will last, ensuring that the quality vehicles remain at their peak throughout the long cycle of their lives.

Check out below the videos of the Splash, Snag, and Sniff tests by Ford.

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