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Elecom EHP-R/OH2000MBK: Remarkably accurate

Elecom EHP-R/OH2000MBK: Remarkably accurate
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Relive the music and the beat of your best concert experience using the Elecom EHP-R/OH2000MBK Hi-Res headset. This overhead headset can reproduce sound with some serious presence, and presents itself as your go-to audio gear when you want to listen to high-fidelity audio recordings of your favorite bands and artists.

Life-like listening with dynamic yet delicate sound is what you get with the EHP-R/OH2000MBK. With a large 43mm driver, the headset delivers a dynamic range of sound, from the low to the high. The driver uses a Japan-made liquid crystal polymer (LCP) film for its diaphragm. This reduces excess vibrations and improves the fidelity of signal reproduction while improving the robustness of the headset and reducing its weight. The sound also comes out much louder from the headset because the round housings diffuse the sound to every direction within each chamber.

Connect this hi-res Elecom audio gear to your smartphone, computer, or music player and you’ll hear your high-fidelity music exactly the way it is. The cables, made of silver-plated oxygen-free high purity copper wires, make sure that every treble is reproduced with minimal quality loss. Within the cables, the ground wire is split into two independent wires, which reduces static and electromagnetic noise.

Listening to a two hours-worth or more of music? The headset’s ear pads has cushioning that is wrapped with leather doesn’t get sticky or stuffy, so you stay comfortable even after long hours of use. Aside from that, the pads are designed to have oval shapes in order to seal the space around the ears and improve the quality of the bass. Meanwhile, the headband’s inner strip is made of durable and rigid stainless steel, making sure that the Elecom EHP-R/OH2000MBK  remains fit on your head.

The 1.2 meters-long single cable on the left features a built-in microphone/remote for telephone conversations and music playback. There’s a four-conductor mini plug as well, which is compatible with any smartphones. The cable hangs a little forward, staying tangle-free and out of your way.

You can easily keep the Elecom EHP-R/OH2000MBK in your bag and bring it anywhere you want as it comes with a foldable design. The headset is available in standard black.

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