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Elecom BM-BP01 and BM-BP02: Pack with convenience

Elecom BM-BP01 and BM-BP02: Pack with convenience
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Elecom brings in two new laptop bags to its UB PC backpack line: the superlight and compact BM-BP01 backpack and the large-capacity BM-BP02 flap backpack. These new laptop bags comes packed with convenient features that individuals with active lifestyle will surely dig.

Designed in accordance with customer needs and requests, the BM-BP01 and BM-BP02 boasts of water resistance, back breathability, as well as plenty of pockets, grip handles, and wrinkle-free paper storage. All these makes the bags easier to use.

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Elecom BM-BP01 backpack

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Elecom BM-BP02 backpack

Various ideas are incorporated into the design to protect the contents of the bag. Both models are made of canvas tarpaulin that can repel water and dirt. There are watertight zippers, too, to keep the contents from getting wet when hit by a sudden rainfall. The bottom of the bag is even covered with a thick PVC-coated fabric to provide further protection.

Meanwhile, the 15mm-thick cushioning material used in the back surface is shaped so as to reduce strains on your back. The mesh lining on the back surface allows air to flow between your back and the bag, releasing heat and freeing you from sweaty discomfort.

The products also offer great storage space and portability as they are equipped with chambers for laptops up to 13.3 inches, smartphones up to 5 inches, and tablets up to 12 inches. You can neatly put away your gear and carry it with you wherever. This dedicated chamber design enables you to smoothly put your devices in the bag or take them out. You can also used the PC chamber to store paper, keeping it free from folds and wrinkles.

The various types of pockets—such as mesh pockets, front and side pockets, pen holders, and small item storage—allows you to organize the contents of the bag neatly. Furthermore, the handle is made of Neoprene fabric developed by DuPont. It provides a soft and comfortable grip even if you have to carry around various gadgets for a long period of time.

At 650g, the BM-BP01 backpack is compact and light. It has a large entry that opens up so wide so you can easily find and access things. Meanwhile, the large-capacity flap type BM-BP02 backpack has a sack entry below the flap that can be closed tight by pulling the drawstring. It has a side zipper where you can access the contents inside even when the flap is closed; a chest belt keeps the pack from hanging low, reducing the weight off your shoulders.

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