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Elecom EHP-CH3000: Clean powerful sound

Elecom EHP-CH3000: Clean powerful sound
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Equipped with a 12.5mm diameter driver, the Elecom EHP-CH3000 high-resolution headphones is designed to produce powerful sounds in the low ranges and clean and comfortable mid to high ranges.

This new earphones comes with various features that makes very good use of the driver. One of which is a rigid vibrating plate that helps in reproducing rich sound field with natural expansion. The plate has a radial construction and uses Teijin Tetoron MLF, a PET film developed by Teijin Limited, as the base material. Neodymium magnets are placed on both sides of the vibrating plate to accelerate the vibration speed, which helps in delivering more powerful low sounds.

The EHP-CH3000 features the Magnetic Turbo Axial Port design, where the driver, bowl, and magnets are placed along the same axes. This ensures the smooth response that spans from lows to peaks. The pair also sports hard aluminum for the housings to shut out excess vibration from the driver yokes and faithfully reproduce sound signal from the diaphragm, all the while achieving robustness and lightness.

In addition to refinements in audio, Elecom has given detailed attention to its design. The military-style earpieces are available in stylish black and khaki. The Depth Fit Earpiece design features an enlarged tip for greater air-tightness. You can be sure that it is capable of delivering powerful low sounds courtesy of its high-res audio and other features.

The earpiece also has a deeper twin-stage layout that cuts noise for better fidelity and a cleaner fit. Also, this in-ear audio gear dampens noise and keeps the sound your ears. You can move freely while listening to music as the line cables are tangle-free and generously sized at 1.2 meters. Plus, there’s cable keeper included for storing the excess cable length.

Compatible to any music player or mobile device that takes a stereo mini jack, the Elecom EHP-C3000 comes with a condenser microphone that can be used for regular telephone calls. It even has a remote switch for picking up and terminating incoming calls, as well as adjusting volume with the slider switch.

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