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Elecom protects your eyes with ECLEAR glasses

Elecom protects your eyes with ECLEAR glasses
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Are you aware that the LED screen of PCs, tablets, and smartphones emits different types of radiation? One kind of radiation it produces is blue light. Exposure to blue light largely causes eye strain and dry eyes after spending long hours in front of your device’s screen.

But there’s no need to panic. Elecom introduces six standard models and one super-light model of its ECLEAR PC glasses, which can block blue light from damaging your eyes.

The standard models appeal to a wide range of users, regardless of age or gender, with its three different designs—oval, square, and Wellington. The glasses also come with two different lens options, which are brown and clear. The oval and square models has three different colorways to choose from.

In terms of providing protection to your eyes, the brown lens offers a quite high blue light blocking rate of approximately 55 percent, while the clear lens cuts about 39 percent of blue light. Maintaining natural vision and a stylish look, both the brown and clear lenses are made of super-light plastic material, which allows you to wear them for long hours without getting tired.

The super-light model can block approximately 46 percent of blue light. Its temples are made of beta-titanium, making it very light with just 10 grams of weight. This model is also made to be so thin in order for you to not feel any stress or fatigue after long hours of use. The super-light model is available in medium sized frame suitable for us Filipinos.

Last but not least, all these models cut more than 99 percent of ultra violet rays, which are very harmful to your eyes and body. All the models come with a convenient pouch that can be used as a cleaning cloth for the glasses.

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