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Elecom Borsa Series: Keeps your gadgets safe

Elecom Borsa Series: Keeps your gadgets safe
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Many of us are guilty of just slipping our mobile devices—smartphones, tablets, and laptops, among others—inside our bags without any case or sleeves protecting them. For one, it is faster for us to slip it in and out of the bag when we’re in a hurry. Another reason is that it’s difficult to find a gadget storage that can fit your tech gear, especially if you have several of them. Lastly, very few allows for an easy access of these devices while you move around.

Elecom’s Borsa Series allows you to choose the storage pouch that fits your needs as this gadget pouch comes in various types that can fit your business or personal needs.

The extensive variety lineup of the Borsa series includes three types for business and three types for personal needs. You can easily find a pouch to neatly hold all of your digital devices. The case lets you store your various tech toys and accessories in a single place.

For business use

For business, the slim-type BMA-GP01 series, the large capacity type BMA-GP02 series, and the self-standing type BMA-GP03 series are available. All come in stylish colors and simple designs.

The BMA-GP01 series is a thin and light-weight “slim-type” pouch that provides a compact way to carry around gadgets. It is recommended for work commutes.

Meanwhile, the BMA-GP02 series is a “large capacity-type” that allows you to categorize and store gadgets such as AC adapters, mobile batteries, and cables, and is recommended for domestic business trips. The pocket for AC adapters uses stretch fabric that can easily store even bulky accessories. By removing the divider within the pouch, the pouch easily fir large devices in it.

The BMA-GP03 series is a space-saving, “self-standing-type” that is also suitable for overseas business trips. Because it can stand on desks, this design lets you quickly get to work even in narrow spaces, such as an airplane in transit.

For personal use

For personal use, there are the soft type BMA-GP04 series and the compact type BMA-GP05 series. Both pouches come in a variety of colors and casual designs.

The BMA-GP04 series is a “soft-type” that uses stretch fabric to fit bulky gadgets and protect its contents. It is best to use during outings on weekends and holidays.

On the other hand, the BMA-GP05 series is a “compact-type” that can store all the gadgets you usually carry and is recommended for short one-day or two-day trips. Thanks to its Velcro flap fastener, you can quickly open or close this pouch to get or keep your devices. It also features on the front face of the open flap an elastic front pocket made of stretch fabric that can hold even bulky gadgets.

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