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Five common myths about online education

Five common myths about online education
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Online learning is a positive effect of the technologically evolved world. As a system, it banks on its promise of accessibility and flexible use of time. As a process, it demands students to be proactive in creating a learning environment that is most suitable for them.

While online education has helped more individuals pursue their dreams of higher education, there are still certain misconceptions associated with it. Below is a list of five most common myths identified with the industry that have been busted by AMA Online Education (AMA-OEd), the country’s first full online education program.

Myth 1: Online education lacks credibility

Many people assume that online education institutions do not grant legitimate certifications and do not have a competitive faculty. But this is simply not true. AMA-OEd offers CHED-certified programs that are no different from those offered by traditional universities. AMA Online Education also boasts of a competitive faculty comprised of industry experts to aid students in their respective courses.

Myth 2: Online education is for the laid-back student

Convenience does not necessarily remove the incentive for students to conscientiously do their work. While students are given the opportunity to work at their own time, they are expected to follow through with their course schedules and strictly follow the set deadlines. At AMA Online Education, students are encouraged to be independent self-starters ready to take on academic loads that are comparable to most universities.

Myth 3: Online learning does not give you an opportunity to interact with professors

Not everything learned in online schools are self-taught. While students are expected to be independent, their overall evaluation still depends on their interactions with their professors. Tests aren’t the only measure of grasping lessons because professors in AMA Online Education also see to it that they impart their expert knowledge through forums and seminars.

Myth 4: Online schools do not promote interaction among different students

Participation is still crucial even in online learning environments. Teachers provide constructive criticism to one’s work, while students are expected to give their input to make discussions fruitful. Engagement in class forums helps students be more confident about developing and sharing their ideas. Institutions are also very accommodating of queries from students. AMA Online Education, for example, has an all-day help desk where students can expect responses within a maximum time frame of 48 hours.

Myth 5: Online education degrees are less valued by employers

Students fear that investing in online schools may not give ample returns. As AMA positions itself as a student’s partner in success, it also helps its graduates find quality employment after graduation. AMA Online Education has produced notable alumni in the fields of business, technology, communications, and science.

Thinking of busting these myths yourself? Kick-start your future with AMA! Visit www.amauonline.com or like AMA University Online Education on Facebook for more information.

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