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10 Best TV Series

10 Best TV Series
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The remote control can ruin friendships, break relationships, and tear families apart. What makes the boob tube so addictive?  Here are 10 of the top culprits. – Ed.


10. The X-Files

The X-Files terrified every living room once a week in the 90s, as FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully searched for the truth behind every freak of nature and “alien abduction.” In it, aliens, lizardmen, and other paranormal phenomena existed. “I want to believe”, said Mulder. So did we.


9. The Unit

The Unit is probably the closest we’d get to knowing what being in a Special Forces team is like. It is violent and intelligent at the same time. The characters bleed and actually run out of ammo, and subplots on civilian wives clue us in on living a secluded life.


8. Nikita

The latest TV series spinoff of French-Italian movie Nikita continues the adventures of a rogue agent fighting the evil Division. And what’s not to love about Niki? Maggie Q is hot, looks great in anything (or nothing, actually), fights like a ninja, and can handle any weapon.


7. Transformers

It was campy and cheesy. The animation wasn’t as workmanlike as the CGI extravaganza of the Michael Bay movies. But scores of kids(myself included) raced home from school to watch Optimus Prime and the Autobots battle the evil Decepticons.


6. Voltes V

This list wouldn’t be complete without the Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V. Chōdenji Machine Voltes V was the definitive cartoon of its time. It featured a robot formed by linking five vehicles. The super robot and the Voltes V Team fight the evil Boazanians and their Beast Fighters in nearly each episode.


5. Blue Thunder

The star of the spinoff Blue Thunder TV series wasn’t really the hero Frank Chaney (James Farentino) but the super helicopter of the same name. Equipped with a stealth “whisper” mode, a minigun, and advanced surveillance gadgets, it was the coolest helicopter in the world before the AH-64 Apache.


4. Knight Rider

The ’80s was a lousy period for cars in general—poor performance, lousy shapes, lumpy transmission. But Knight Rider made the lowly Pontiac Trans Am look cool. Michael Knight used the indestructible, AI-powered car to battle the forces of evil.


3. MacGyver

MacGyver was responsible for making Swiss Army knives look cool and incredibly useful (they really are). He was the thinking man’s hero, with his aversion to firearms and his creative way of getting out of any predicament with the help of a pocketknife and a paper clip.


2. 24

In the real world, an antiterrorist operative would run out of cellphone battery, need to go to the john, and likely end up mortally wounded before the 12th hour. But in Jack Bauer’s world, nothing is impossible.


1. The A-Team

As Hannibal says, “I love it when a plan comes together.” This ragtag band of ex-Special Forces mercenaries defined the ’80s action TV series. With the cast including B.A. (Bad Attitude Barracus), the inimitable “Face,” and the lunatic “Murdock,” The A-Team rocked for many years.


Words Andy Leuterio

First published in Speed May 2013

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