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10 Best Pizzas

10 Best Pizzas
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We asked and you answered. Here are the top 10 pizzas that you voted for.


10. 3M Pizza

Filipinos are sentimental folks. And there’s an even softer spot for pizza stands just a few steps away from home. But 3M Pizza has come a long way from the lone pineapple chunk or perfectly square ham on each pizza slice that you probably still remember fondly.


9. Domino’s Pizza

Buy-one-get-one promos and free pizza or your money back when delivery doesn’t make it in 30 minutes are just two of the deals that made  Domino’s Pizza famous in the ’90s. Now, it’s back in the country with a vengeance and more pizzas to boot.


8. Papa John’s

A US franchise, Papa John’s is in fact one of the biggest pizza chains worldwide. And if you sold your 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 to buy an oven, as what Papa John’s founder and CEO did in the ‘80s, your pizza would taste as good, too.


7. A Veneto

Pizzeria Ristorante’s Bacon Cheeseburger Pie A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante is a quiet but solid player in the restaurant scene, and nothing on the menu is inedible. But what stands out among their pizza flavors is the Bacon Cheeseburger Pie—thin, crunchy, meaty, yum.


6. Lots’a Pizza’s Pure Beef Special

With lots’a branches all over the country, a Lots’a Pizza Pure Beef Special is easy to grab a hold of. And it looks like you’re all getting a lot of this meaty goodness in your hands.


5. S&R’s New York Style Pizza

The secret is out. S&R’s delicious food fare (some of it, at least) is reaching more people beyond their member shoppers. And the New York Style Pizza is one of the treats making the loudest noise.


4. Yellow Cab

Seems like you can’t get enough of the whole menu—from the classic New York’s Finest to the specialty 4 Cheese and the rolled Dear Darla. It’s pretty difficult to choose the best when everything’s so damn good.


3. Shakey’s

The classic flavors still hit hard. Manager’s Choice and Hawaiian Delight are your top picks. Who can blame you? These are among the first pizza variants that landed on our shores. And it’s not easy to forget your first love.


2. Sbarro’s White Pizza

The softest whisper can be the loudest cry. And Sbarro takes this to heart. Their very simple White Pizza is stripped of fancy toppings but makes the biggest impact that gets you coming back for more.


 1. Pizza Hut

You really love your meat. Then again, what’s not to love about your favorites: Supreme, Bacon Supreme, and Meat Lovers? Meat plus bread and cheese have been proven to be a perfect combination.


Words Aritha Zel Zalamea

First published in Speed May 2013

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