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10 Best Chips

10 Best Chips
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Nothing­­ replaces a good bag of chips. Here are the top 10 chips that made your list.


10. Mr. Chips

Needless to say, we all dig munching on cheese-flavored goodies. This Philippine-made corn chips is not without its detractors. But you really shouldn’t judge a snack by its smell.


9. Clover Chips

Here’s another proudly Filipino brand by a proudly Filipino snack company. Really, who doesn’t like the Clover Chips cheesy original? It’s always one of the first corn snacks to grab off the shelf and out of the grocery bag.


8. Lay’s

Our American brothers know a thing or two about potato chips. That’s why we fall madly in love with their bags of goodies. Lay’s has so many new flavors, from Sriracha to Chicken & Waffles, but we all stick to our guns and go for the Classic.


7. Oishi Prawn Cracker

Who says anything good needs to be expensive? Filipino-made Oishi Prawn Crackers has been a staple snack of choice for decades now. It’s not just the price that we love it for but also the bold flavors.


6. Planters Cheez Curls

When your fingers are filled with cheese grime and your tongue is stinging from cheese burn, you know you had it good reaching the bottom of the can in 15 minutes tops. Moderation is not an option.


5. Tortillos Barbecue

This goose is one awesome granny, filling our grocery bags with loads of yummy snacks. Tortillos has been a regular favorite. And it looks like you all agree that the original Barbecue flavor still rules.


4. V-Cut

If what you want is a bag of potato chips with an attitude, V-Cut is your man. It’s salty and crispy with a punch, and a 100% Pinoy brand.


3. Cheetos

Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. What else is there but melt-inyour- mouth cheese? Studies have been made simply to find out why we’re addicted to these cheese puffs. Who cares, right?

They’re just so damn good.


2. Pringles

You love the Original flavor; we hear you. But Sour Cream & Onion is not without its share of followers. No matter the flavor, Pringles stays true to its slogan, “Once you pop, you can’t stop!”


1. Buy The Bucket

Sometimes, the humblest stalls turn out to be the biggest hits. All- Filipino BTB’s cheesy, meaty nachos are your favourite companion to the movies. But you can still buy a bucket to keep you company while strolling around the mall.


Words Aritha Zel Zalamea

First published in Speed May 2013

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