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10 Best Beers

10 Best Beers
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When my editor asked me to put together a list of top 10 beers, I thought he had probably done a little too much hands-on research on the topic during office hours.

I mean, with almost infinite choices, ranging from ales, bitters, stouts, lagers, dark beers, white beers, light beers, and perhaps another hundred other varieties, coming up with a definitive guide would be like ranking smells. So, to clean up the list a bit, I avoided any of the boutique beers or the micro-breweries and stuck with the commonly available, easy-drinking beers. I understand that this is completely subjective, but you know what they say about beauty, right? It is always in the eyes of the beholder, or in this case, the beer holder.


10. San Mig Light

Crisp, clean, and not very filling, San Mig Light will never make it onto any beer connoisseur’s list. But no party is complete without a few cases in the fridge.


9. Pure Blonde

Some say that beer in Australia is a matter of life or death. Having lived there for over twelve years, I can tell you that that is ridiculous; it is a lot more serious than that. But rather than the full-bodied beers and bitters, Pure Blonde is Australia’s first low-carb beer and has quickly gained popularity among the more tummy-conscious drinkers out there.


8. Beck’s Gold

Born in Bremen, Germany, this is one of the cleanest beers I’ve tried, with just enough flavor, kick, and smoothness to enjoy three or four bottles before dinner.


7. Hite (Korea)

I was skeptical at first, but this beer blew me away for being beautifully balanced, refreshing, and void of any nasty aftertastes.


6. Tsingtsao

I never imagined China—not having much of a beer culture—to come up with a decent brew. But then again, Tsingtsao was started by Germans in 1903. The secret is in the water, which comes from Tsingtsao province and gives the beer an almost sweet taste that is difficult to tire of.


5. Cascade

Brewed in Tasmania, this beer uses one of the cleanest natural springs in the world, allowing the flavors to merge gently yet still retain their individual characters.


4. Stella Artois

Another crisp beer but with more subtle flavors than most Belgian beers. It is also one of the few beers that taste even better when poured on tap rather than the bottle.


3. Hoegaarden

The best white beer I’ve tried. With very delicate flavors, this is one of the few beers that I would recommend not drinking very cold as the flavors need to be released and not trapped.


2. Hitachino Nest White Ale

If you think Hoegaarden is good, you have absolutely, positively got to try this one. There are traces of coriander, orange peel, and nutmeg in the brew, and it goes surprisingly well with ramen.


1. The beer you have in your hand



Words James Deakin

First published in Speed May 2013

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